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Ecosoft international companies group specializes in scientific activity, development, production and sale of all types of water purification. Ecosoft is part of five unique companies, that are deeply competent in industrial, commercial and household water treatment. Their experts report at international conferences, cooperate with The Water Quality Associations, The International Water Association, Stockholm Junior Water Prize and other international scientific institutes and participate in ecological projects. There are 250 industry professionals in the Ecosoft team.

The world famous invention of the company is the technology of complex water purification on the basis of the filtering material Ecomix®. Other innovative products developed by scientists of the Ecosoft research center are protected by 17 patents.
Ecosoft offers complex turnkey solutions for all industries, medical laboratories, restaurants and hotels, public institutions and private houses. The company has systems of ultrafiltration, reversed osmose, flowing filters, jugs, fountainlets and automatic machines for water pouring available.

Issue with Attendance and Internet Use at Work

Many companies that have remote offices are facing the same issue: How can you know if employees are working as much as they should, and how can you help them do their to the best of their ability? The head of the retail department Dmitriy Kupreyev said: “Ecosoft owns Dr.VODA retail chains. The stores are located in remote places and we do not have enough resources to conduct an efficient control. So it was difficult to monitor employees. We needed an employee attendance tracking system, as well as a tool for employee computer monitoring.”
Requirements for the new solution also included an intuitive interface and robust, flexible reporting feature to enable measurement of all aspects of work activities. D. Kupreyev also adds: “We were looking for a way to control remote retail stores and rationality of computer use”.

A User-Friendly and Low Cost Solution

Ecosoft was looking for software that would be simple to use and easy to access. Yaware.TimeTracker met those requirements as it is not only has an intuitive interface, but also provides its users with an opportunity to view reports from anywhere using any device. “We have chosen Yaware.TimeTracker as it supported our needs. In addition, the employee attendance tracking software is simple and has a low cost for such a wide range of features,” – says D. Kupreyev.

Saving Valuable Time and Fostering Accuracy

Since implementing Yaware.TimeTracker, Ecosoft uses the solution’s flexible reporting features to measure all aspects of time, employee attendance and internet usage. D. Kupreyev admits: “We have started to spend less time on personal control (done by network administrators). Now we devote more time to strategic decisions, as Yaware.TimeTracker is accomplishing part of those tasks for us.”
Ecosoft has also seen greater data accuracy as a result of eliminating manual entry and associated human error. After implementing Yaware.TimeTracker, the company got an opportunity to control employees at remote stores and correct their actions if needed. “Thanks to Yaware.TimeTracker, we managed to define distinctions with corporate rules and eliminate them,” – tells D. Kupreyev.

Efficient Motivation for Implementing Time Tracking

Ecosoft purchased over 100 licences of Yaware.TimeTracker to be used in retail stores. D. Kupreyev explains how he managed to deploy the tool successfully: “When we started to implement, there was some negative feedback. That is why we had a range of meetings to explain the benefits of time tracking for both managers and employees. I as a manager, had implemented Yaware.TimeTracker on my computer first.I wanted to show the team how it works by personal example. It allowed to eliminate all negative feelings and tension.”

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