Budpostach is a provider of professional equipment and tools, a supplier of building and garden machinery. The company has an 18 year history. Throughout these years, Budpostach has established a wide network of dealers, including 42 branches. The structure of the company includes the wholesale in B2B segment and retail sales, using a mechanism of their eShop. Budpostach offers over 30,000 products from world leading manufacturers at affordable prices. With a priority to the needs of their clients, Budpostach offers them complete solutions of the highest quality. The total number of employees exceeds 1,200. Yaware monitors the work of more than 400 of them.

High requirements to a time tracking software

Budpostach has opened more than 42 branches since 1998. This led to an increase in the number of employees. The added number of employees made it difficult to keep track of deadlines, costs, working hours and absences.
Svetlana Filatova, an operational consultant at Budpostach, says:
Budpostach has an extensive system of branches and representative offices. Therefore, the most topical issues for us are:

  • control of the actual load of employees;
  • control of the discipline;
  • control of workload distribution among employees.

Making choice in favour of Yaware

Why has Budpostach made a choice in favour of Yaware, if there are other time tracking softwares as well? S. Filatova reveals the secret: “We have chosen this service due to the following reasons:

  • ease of use;
  • an opportunity to use the tool in hidden mode;
  • intuitive interface;
  • wide range of provided data.

Right solution to make the difference

Now staff from different branches is using Yaware to track time at work. “Employees have become more focused on the correct distribution of working time “ – says S. Filatova. So, implementing time tracking software has influenced the overall work performance.
Thanks to Yaware, managers now have a clear view of staff’s online and offline activities that helps to coordinate their work more efficiently.

Increasing efficiency and productivity

The basis of Budpostach’s business philosophy is full commitment, integration and innovation and Yaware time tracking software is helping the team comply with that.
The tool offers a wide range of reports, that allow to see and evaluate the work of employees. They allow to rank the staff by their productivity and determine work overload.
S. Filatova says: “With Yaware we were able to:

  • identify the most productive and unproductive employees;
  • determine the optimum load on the employee;
  • optimize employees` work by proper load distribution.

Customizations and Implementation from the Knowledgeable Web Developers

When Budpostach chose Yaware, there were a few features they needed to add that were specific to their organization's needs. Yaware provides the flexibility of tailoring its solution to its customers' needs. So, when Budpostach informed, that they need summarizing reports Yaware web developers made some customizations and created reports that covered specific organization’s needs.

Modern solution for conscientious employees

Many managers are afraid of implementing time tracking. What if the employees will go against it? But as the practice proves, these fears are unfounded. S. Filatova speaks about the reaction of employees to time tracking software at her company: “With Yaware we are monitoring employees of all the departments, who work with computers. There was no problems with the implementation of the system – the staff took it well.

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