Yaware.TimeTracker is an innovative time tracking software that helps companies improve the productivity and efficiency of their employees. One of the key elements of our company's success is partner programs, which allow us to expand our capabilities and provide even more benefits to our customers. In this article, we will talk about our partnership relations, partner network and mutually beneficial partnership with partner companies.


Yaware.TimeTracker affiliate programs

Yaware.TimeTracker is actively developing its affiliate programs that allow other companies to join our network and benefit from cooperation. Our partner programs are designed in such a way that each participant can find optimal conditions for cooperation. They include various forms of cooperation, such as resellers, affiliates and strategic partners. Thanks to this, we provide a wide geographic presence and high quality customer service.


Benefits of partnering with Yaware.TimeTracker

  • High level of support: Our partners can always count on prompt technical support and consultations on any issues.
  • Marketing Resources: We provide partners with all the necessary marketing materials to help them effectively promote our product.
  • Education and Training: Regular educational webinars and trainings help partners better understand our product and sell it successfully.
  • Transparent terms of cooperation: All terms of partner programs are clearly spelled out, which ensures transparency and honesty in relations.
  • Affiliate network Yaware.TimeTracker
  • The Yaware.TimeTracker partner network is constantly expanding, covering new markets and regions. We cooperate with companies from various industries, which allows us to adapt our product to specific customer needs. Our partners represent Yaware.TimeTracker in many countries around the world, which ensures localized support and quick response to customer requests.


Our mutually beneficial partnership is based on several key principles that allow us to achieve success together with our partners:

  • Mutual trust and respect: We always adhere to the principles of honesty and openness in relations with our partners.
  • Results-oriented: Together with partners, we work to achieve specific business goals and increase efficiency.
  • Innovation and development: We are constantly looking for new opportunities to improve our product and invite partners to participate in the development of new features.
  • Support and training: We provide our partners with all the necessary support and resources for successful cooperation.


Partner companies: Who are they?

Our partner companies are leading players in the technology and consulting market who share our values ​​and strive to achieve high results together with us. Among them are both large international corporations and small companies that specialize in providing services for the implementation and support of software.


Examples of successful partnerships

SoftiCo is one of the leading national software distributors in the corporate segment. Today, the company's vendor portfolio includes more than 500 software manufacturers. “Softiko” has unique partner statuses with such manufacturers as: Microsoft, Kaspersky Lab, Bitdefender, ESET, Dr.Web, ABBYY, VMware, Adobe, Autodesk, Corel, Symantec, AVG and others.


KROC Business School (BSK) is a structural division of KROC University of Economics and Law. The main goal of the creation of BSK University is to identify and master new directions of modern business development. BSK is one of the recognized leaders, which is positioned in the domestic and global environment of business education as an educational and research unit of the University. The school focuses on solving the problems of business partners, providing clients with the most comfortable set of services that helps promote their business. The educational goal of BSK is to assist in the provision of high-quality business education in a number of educational programs, in particular, in the MBA program for obtaining the educational qualification level “Master of Business Administration”.

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How to become our partner?

It's simple – join!

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