Working with clients is not only the provision of services prescribed in the contract. A large amount of time is spent communicating by phone, video, or email. How, then, to calculate the amount of time spent on project implementation and communication with clients? How to argue the cost of the project and the salaries paid to employees for their work?

One of the options is to bill clients according to the price list of services and hourly wages. You can track the amount of time that the company spent on the implementation of services using a time tracker. In this article, we will talk about how to use the system for tracking working hours using Yaware TimeTracker as an example.

Why would a company need a billable hours tracker?

  • Accurate hourly time tracking

Even the accounting department can trust the timesheets generated by the time tracker.

  • No need for employees to be reminded to manually record hours worked

Yaware TimeTracker works standalone and turns on and off automatically. Therefore, not a single hour will be missed.

  • Clients will trust time tracker reports

Build transparent relationships with the company's clients. Justify the number of hours spent with the help of reports and issue the correct bills for the work performed.

Program features

Automatic time tracking

The software generates reports that let you know how your employees' day goes. Information such as the start and end time of the employees' working day is displayed; the number of hours worked; time spent on breaks, meetings, exchange of email notifications.

Productivity analysis

Each program and site that an employee works with is assigned one of the productivity categories: “productive”, “unproductive”, “neutral”. With the help of diagrams, the manager will be able to draw conclusions about which resources take the most time from employees. Different groups of productive and unproductive resources are assigned to each department of the company.

Screenshots and webcam shots

Include screenshots and webcam captures. That way you can keep a detailed account of the working time of employees and clearly see what they are doing during your absence, what tasks they are working on and what programs they use. Customers can be sure that your company's employees are really doing their job.

Prompt notification by email and on your phone

Control the work of employees in real-time, wherever you are: in the office next door, at home, on a business trip.

Yaware TimeTracker allows you to:

control the work of employees online, in a personal account – operational data for the last 5 minutes of work for all users;

set up a schedule for receiving reports by e-mail: every day or once a day/week/month;

download the app and analyze data using iOS and Android mobile devices.

Automatic timesheet

The timesheet is a mandatory document in any enterprise. An automatic timesheet Yaware will save you time. The program collects information about the working hours of each employee. This includes data on the total hours worked by day, as well as absenteeism for a certain period (month, quarter, year).

Automatic timesheet Yaware allows you to calculate:

  • actually worked days for each employee;
  • absence from the workplace (indicating the reason: vacation, sick leave, a day off).

This makes it easier for the manager to:

  • monitor compliance with the work schedule by employees;
  • timely identify violators of the work schedule and truants;
  • scheduling vacations for staff.


With the help of the time tracker, the manager will be able to assess the real time spent on the implementation of projects and better plan future projects. The program provides an opportunity to draw conclusions about the factors that negatively affect the productivity of the team and correct them. The main thing to remember is that the billable hours tracker is a way to help employees work smarter, better, and more productive. The tracker is not a tool for limiting breaks or penalties.

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