Managing a creative agency can be challenging, as it requires a combination of organizational and creative skills. If you are a creative agency manager or plan to become one, this article will be useful for you.


Here are some tips on how to stay organized while running a creative agency:

1. Use project management software

With a lot of moving parts in your creative agency, it can be helpful to use a project management program. Many of these programs are designed specifically to help you plan and manage tasks, as well as collaborate with your team, etc. 


2. Organize your workspace 

To keep your area free, allocate a separate space for each item on your desk.

To avoid clutter, keep only the things you use on a daily basis in your workspace and don't keep more than two or three personal items there. Be sure to leave at least one free area on your desk for signing necessary documents or other tasks that arise.


3. Find software for your financial needs

In order to save a lot of time and money, it is worth using financial software to help you record and organize your budgets and expenses.


4. Keep track of your working hours 

Being organized is much more than you may realize. It's also about what you do with your time and how. This should be monitored on a personal level and in a team to make sure everyone is using their time wisely.

Yaware.TimeTracker is a great tool created to monitor work time for teams of any size and structure, allowing users to see the time spent on different tasks and projects. It can be useful for teams that want to be more productive and efficient in managing their time.


What are the benefits of Yaware.TimeTracker for our clients?

  • Automatic counting – statistics that are automatically entered into the timesheet

  • Performance analysis – the ability to see the real workload of teams

  • Project and task management – all tasks in one place

  • Personal statistics – the ability to analyze your own performance

  • Many visual graphs – analyze the work of employees in just a few minutes

5. Clean up your desktop 

How many icons do you have on your desktop right now? We're always looking for shortcuts to make our lives faster and easier, but in many cases we complicate it by trying to optimize too many processes.

Try taking some time to clean up your computer desktop by moving those shortcuts to the taskbar, for example. Do not keep downloaded links on your desktop, but instead place them in a specific folder.


6. Keep track of your abstinence

Remembering to set aside time to review your workspace and functions from time to time. It will be vital to maintaining a high level of organization.

Regularly check your office space and online tools to make sure everything is running at peak performance. If necessary, make the necessary changes to improve workflow, keep up with tasks, and stay clear.


Now you know how to organize your creative team.

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