Many people strive to become successful managers, build a professional working team and achieve success. They sincerely believe that good leadership, intellectual and organizational skills are enough for this purpose. But, unfortunately, the modern business environment, which is changing rapidly every day, proves the opposite in practice. All employees are ordinary people who are vulnerable to stress and experience inherent human anxiety, they react poorly to external pressure and quickly burn out. A good manager is not only an intelligent and emotionally tough leader, but also a psychologist who can read minds, make wise decisions, reduce stress, motivate and inspire subordinates. 


What in reality can demotivate and destabilize your team?


Multitasking is the first and main culprit of lack of progress

Managers who believe that multitasking can increase the productivity of their teams are sorely mistaken. Sure, this approach may produce the desired results at first, but your overworked employees will soon burn out and lose productivity. People cannot be effective and productive for a long time by focusing on a lot of tasks at the same time. It takes a lot of energy and significantly increases the number of mistakes. If you want to get results on a consistent basis, you should encourage single-tasking, provided you prioritize your work plan properly.


Negative atmosphere in the team

It is difficult to stay creative and show your full potential in an unfavorable environment. Therefore, as a leader, you should understand that you have a certain responsibility for the financial and emotional well-being of both the team and the company. You must inspire confidence in your employees and create the best possible atmosphere of understanding in the team. A positive work environment will help team members feel comfortable and be more open. Remember, no matter what field you work in, a good atmosphere will only play into your hands.


Immersion in work outside the office

Many perfectionist managers adore employees who practically do not switch off from the work mode. They are always in touch, have no problem staying late in the office and dutifully go out to work on weekends. However, it is important to understand that a person is not an uninterrupted source of energy, and those employees who live and breathe only by work tasks will sooner or later lose their enthusiasm, as they simply have neither strength nor time for family and personal life. Everyone needs rest and entertainment, so make it a rule not to disturb your subordinates outside of working hours.


Not knowing how to cope with chaos

If you are an attentive and emotionally stable person, then you need to teach your team members how to cope with chaos, disorder, uncertainty and stress. This does not mean that you have to organize psychological seminars or meditation training. Just share your experience and give valuable advice on how to develop mindfulness.


Lack of physical activity

A sedentary lifestyle is a silent killer that gradually destroys people's lives and turns them into depressed pessimists. If you want your team to show results, do not turn a blind eye to the health of each of your employees. If flexible working hours are not in your interest, at least provide people with more opportunities for physical activity. For example, there can be more frequent breaks during the day.


Excessive demands on people

No matter how emotionally strong your employees may be, if you are too harsh and unfair with them, they will break down sooner or later. Overly ambitious leaders sometimes have a hard time finding the balance between being demanding and empathetic. If they are too soft and sensitive, employees can relax and shamelessly take advantage of their boss's good nature. And vice versa, if they keep all subordinates in fear – the team risks disintegration. When you at least try to find the golden mean – the work will go more smoothly and productively.


Employees do not take vacations

If you want to become a successful manager or leader, you should get rid of the habit of getting everything possible from the employee to the last drop. This negative trait can only cause rejection, disapproval, and, worse, hatred from team members. People who work 24/7 without time off and vacations often suffer from insomnia, inattention and other disorders. If your team works without rest – immediately change your attitude to this, because as a result, such irrational use of human resources can seriously disrupt your business.


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