Attendance monitoring helps to monitor employee activity, synchronize and plan workflow, and it also helps to properly allocate resources.


Monitoring the attendance of your employees ensures their responsibility and productivity, increasing the profitability of your business.


What are the benefits of employee attendance monitoring? 

The system allows you to save money and time. But these are not all the benefits of implementing an employee attendance monitoring system, here are its other key advantages:


  • Automatic attendance monitoring helps you get a lot of important data to make better financial decisions and accurately allocate resources.
  •  Good employee attendance monitoring system improves project and team management.
  • An employee monitoring system makes it easy to schedule work, manage attendance, and synchronize workflow for all team members.
  • It makes it easier to monitor the number of working days and hours of your employees, including vacations, sick leave, absences, holidays, etc.
  • The monitoring system allows you to know the start and end of your remote workers' work. 
  • Attendance monitoring software helps you calculate salaries fairly and simplifies accounting.
  • You can keep accurate records of the hours your employees have actually worked.
  • By implementing such a system, you can help your employees work more efficiently, productively, and manage their time better.


What attendance monitoring software should use? 

Yaware.TimeTracker is a simple and convenient tool for teams of any size and structure, designed specifically to increase productivity.


With its help, you will find out: 

  • when your employees' working day starts and ends;
  • What time of the day is the most productive for employees;
  • what resources employees use to perform a particular task;
  • how much time employees spend on tasks;
  • when they have difficulties in completing a task and need help;
  • what distracts employees and prevents them from moving forward. 


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Use only good employee attendance monitoring software like Yaware.TimeTracker and you won't face any problems. Only solutions!

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