Often, employees use working time inefficiently, which leads to loss of productivity and opportunities. Therefore, the issue of time management is acute among enterprises and organizations. There are a number of ways to improve time management: the use of techniques from world-famous books, the use of automated or familiar handwriting tools, individual work with each employee. By implementing these methods, companies can increase their efficiency and increase profits. In the article, we will discuss situations it is appropriate to use such an automated tool as a time tracker.

Manage your employees with a time and attendance tool

You need to implement a time and attendance tool in your company if you want employees to achieve the best results in their time. You may have found that employees tend to earn below average when they are self-employed.

What are the benefits of using a time tracker?

Accounts and financial benefits

Time tracker allows you to improve project budget calculations. Once you know how long it will take to complete it, you can make a proposal that does not reduce the actual cost. But it does not force the company to increase the cost of work performed ex-post.

Employee monitoring

You want to determine which employees are working hard and which ones need to make an effort to complete the tasks they have started. Then you can reward hard-working employees or improve the performance of the inefficient. This will help ensure that you have a staff ready to work productively when you need time.

Workflow monitoring

With a time and attendance system, you can find out how well your team is working on projects. You can see the strengths and weaknesses of each person. This will help you put the right people in the right positions so that your projects are completed on time and with excellent quality.

Improving customer service

The time counter allows you to provide the client with a complete breakdown of the work performed and information about the time spent on it. This shows them exactly what they are paying for, so there will be no objections to billing.

When your business works better, you attract more new and retain regular customers. You will be able to pay employees for the results they produce on time.

Obtaining the consent of your employees to automated accounting of working time

Although time tracking is used to increase a company's productivity overall, employees may view it as an invasion of privacy. They think that they are not trusted and control their work at the micro-level.

Employees should demonstrate how time and attendance software will benefit not only the company but each of them. Discuss how a growing and the strong company brings in more money, which helps your employees get bonuses and increase salaries.

For example, sales managers want to make more money. Show how a time tracker will allow them to earn more, and they will be ready to work under his guidance.

Communicate individually with each employee who will work with the time and attendance tool

Show where you think their effectiveness will be greatly improved by using time and attendance software. When you point out where you notice shortcomings and how it hurts companies, they will be more receptive to using a timekeeping tool to improve their results.

Yaware TimeTracker as an effective time tracking tool

Yaware TimeTracker is an automated time and attendance system. The program has both desktop and SaaS versions and allows companies to track “gray spots” in the organization of the working day and increase productivity.

You can order a free 14-day trial period to evaluate its capabilities. A demo version is available to users by following the link — an example of how a time tracker works in practice.


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