Modern companies, in search of sustainable development and a high level of competitiveness, pay attention to the role of KPI indicators in personnel management. These key indicators act not only as a tool for measuring performance, but also as a way to define and achieve the company's strategic goals.


In this article, we'll look at what employee KPIs are and how you can improve them to achieve exceptional results.


A KPI is a key performance indicator used to evaluate the achievement of a specific goal or measure performance in a specific area or field. KPIs are defined to assess how successfully an organization or an individual employee achieves strategic goals and objectives.


KPIs can be used in a variety of industries and contexts, such as business, project management, customer service, advertising, technical support, and more. They allow you to determine how effectively specific tasks are performed and whether they correspond to the strategic goals of the organization or project.


When defining KPIs, it is important that they are specific, measurable, achievable and related to the main goal. For example, in business, KPIs can include such indicators as sales volume, market share, customer satisfaction, production time, etc. It is also important to regularly update and adapt KPIs according to changes in the business environment or company strategy.


How to raise KPIs?

Monitoring of working hours

Using a tool to analyze in detail how much time employees spend on specific tasks or projects.

Identifying and eliminating possible waste of time on non-productive activities.


Performance evaluation

Use Yaware.TimeTracker features to determine performance metrics for each employee.

Correlate  performance data with established KPIs to assess compliance and identify possible areas of improvement.


Setting realistic goals

Use information obtained from Yaware.TimeTracker to set realistic and achievable goals for employees.

Consider workload and other factors when determining KPI.


Optimization of work processes

Use time analysis to identify opportunities to optimize work processes.

Implementation of changes in the organization of work tasks to increase productivity.


Training and development

Use data from Yaware.TimeTracker to identify employee weaknesses and training needs.

Implement training and development programs to improve competencies and skills.


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Using Yaware.TimeTracker as a tool for measuring and analyzing working time can effectively help improve work processes and raise the level of productivity, which, in turn, will positively affect the achievement of KPIs in the organization.

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