Using a system of “building habits” can be a powerful tool for increasing work productivity. Usually, high achievers not only have a high level of motivation, but also have a well-developed system of habits that support them in achieving their goals.


This system consists in creating routine actions that are performed systematically and automatically. These actions help you focus, support productivity, and help you achieve your goals.


First of all, it's important to identify the specific habits you want to develop. For example, it can be daily planning of work tasks, regular breaks for rest, playing sports or learning new skills.


Then, start with small steps. Try adding a new habit to your schedule gradually, starting with small, easily achievable goals. This will help you avoid overload and keep you motivated.


Create a reminder or schedule system to help you stick to your new habits. Use planners, reminders on your phone, or whatever tools work for you.


Don't forget the rewards. Reward yourself for achieving small goals to keep yourself motivated and positive.

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