Today, there are many different programs with which companies track employee activity. But how useful is it to keep track of employees' time? Does it increase work efficiency or only increase stress for employees and their managers? Do you need to implement such a system to comply with the new rules on working hours, or is this another example of “over-regulation”?

If you're reading this article, chances are you already have some team time tracking experience. Or maybe you are still trying to figure out if it makes sense to use such software. If you belong to the second group, read on. We will tell you the pros and cons of using time tracking software and how they will affect you as an employer in 2022.

Do you need to track employee activity?

The legislation does not require employers to track hours using time trackers. So why would anyone do this? The main reason is that this software streamlines project management. The time tracker shows the employer how the company employees use the working hours for which they receive money. More data will help you make better decisions, especially if you manage a team with different specialties.

One of the most common reasons companies use time and attendance software is to comply with legal regulations. In some countries, employers are required to control their employees' working hours, so they do not work more than a set number of hours per week. In other countries, companies are required to track each employee's work hours to receive fair pay.

Benefits of time tracking

The benefits of using a company time tracker include:

  • Better Project Management: Keep track of hours to stay on budget and deadlines.
  • Alerts and reports help you identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement.
  • Better use of employee time: Know how best to use each employee's skills to maximize productivity.
  • Better work-life balance management for employees: Use time tracking to ensure employees don't work too hard.

Time tracking has three main benefits: Reporting, analysis, and optimization. Let's look at how you can use time tracking to improve project management, employee time management, and work-life balance.


The time tracker creates reports on how employees spend their time. One is the timesheet, which shows how many hours each employee worked in a given period. You will also see absenteeism, vacation, and hospital workers. Now you don't have to worry if someone forgot to mark their absence from work in their notebook. The program will automatically enter this information into the reports.


The monitoring program will help you analyze how the team manages working time. You will learn:

  • Which employees spend too much time on certain tasks or working with certain clients;
  • What tasks should be optimized to improve the efficiency of the company;
  • Which employees are productive and who need help organizing their work time.


Time tracker affects the optimization of your team's working time. You can use these programs to make better decisions for office and remote workers. You don't have to watch your team for hours daily. The time tracker records the activity history on each team member's computer (what programs and websites they use) and shows this in reports. For example, you find that some tasks take too long, so that you will transfer them to the contractor's execution. In other cases, employees receive wages based on the number of hours worked. Then you will be motivated to keep accurate time records.

Yaware TimeTracker is one of the best time tracking alternatives

For many companies, implementing time tracking is associated with stress. Fortunately, there are ways to implement a program more easily and without too much stress.

When it comes to finding the best time tracker, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Does the software developer help implement the time tracking system “gently”?
  • Will the time tracker be easy to use for the team?
  • Is the program flexible enough to meet your company's unique needs?
  • How good is customer support from the developer?

Yaware TimeTracker meets these criteria. It is the development of a Ukrainian company that has been on the market for over 12 years. The stories of clients who use the program and share the company's success with us are available at the link.


Time tracking is a necessary process in companies that helps manage projects and optimize employees' work, but it can also cause stress in the workplace. To avoid this and make people feel more comfortable with time, employers should focus on transparency and communication.

If the team understands how time will be tracked and why it is being done, they will experience less stress. If you are transparent about your policies, you can keep track of employee hours without causing embarrassment or disdain. To keep track of working hours efficiently and effectively, it is worth using modern and reliable tools such as Yaware TimeTracker.

To ensure that the program meets your expectations and requirements, take advantage of the free trial period. Follow the link.

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