Project management is a set of tools for planning, organizing and implementing project activities.


The principles of project management are simple:



All projects and tasks are collected in one system. Nothing is lost or forgotten.



The tools we will write about below increase efficiency many times over. Work processes, consumption of resources (time and money) are controlled, each member of the team is focused on completing the tasks assigned to him.


Work for the result

A systematic approach in working on projects and tasks allows you to finish the finished product on time.


A project management tool that will make the process flexible

Of course, quite a few tools like Kanban, Gantt Chart, Calendar, etc. can help make your work more efficient. But one of the most important, considering today's business needs, is time tracking.


If work on the project is paid by the hour, record the time using a timer. With time tracking (recording of time spent on work), everyone benefits: the manager sees the team's workload, the client receives a transparent report, and the employee can argue for the need to increase the budget if the estimated costs differ from the real ones.


The time tracking function allows you to adjust the estimated costs. It is about flexibility, when changes in the process of working on the project exclude unnecessary resource costs.


Yaware time tracker

Yaware.TimeTracker is simple and convenient for teams of all sizes and structures, designed specifically to improve productivity.


Yaware cares not only about companies, but also about their employees. Buying a Yaware.TimeTracker license will be useful:

  • for a company that wants to increase the productivity of its staff and, as a result, increase profits
  • and for an employee who wants to increase his earnings and receive transparent reporting and a fair assessment of his efforts.


With its help you will learn:

  • what time of day is most productive for employees
  • what resources employees use to perform a specific task
  • how much time is spent on the task
  • when there are difficulties in completing a task and you need help
  • which distracts employees and prevents them from moving forward


Want to start using Yaware.TimeTracker but hesitate? Try using the program for 14 days for free to experience its functionality to the full!


Use Yaware.TimeTracker at work and you won't have any problems. Only solutions!

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