Freelancing is a lifestyle that allows you to work from anywhere in the world and choose projects as you wish. However, along with endless opportunities comes the responsibility to effectively manage time and tasks. Yaware.TimeTracker has become an indispensable assistant for freelancers and freelance teams, providing a number of useful functions that facilitate their daily work process.


1. Automatic time monitoring

One of the main features of Yaware.TimeTracker is the automatic tracking of working hours. The app automatically tracks time spent on various tasks and projects, providing accurate performance data.


2. Reports and analytics

Yaware.TimeTracker generates detailed reports and analytics on working time, allowing freelancers and their teams to easily identify which projects are generating the most revenue and identify areas for productivity improvement.


3. Task management

Yaware.TimeTracker's task management feature allows freelancers to schedule and track tasks. The ability to create and edit tasks, set priorities and deadlines helps to efficiently organize the workflow.


4. Reminders and Alerts

To avoid distractions and ensure concentration at work, Yaware.TimeTracker uses the function of reminders and alerts. Users can set reminders for breaks, tasks, and important events.


5. Monitoring of team performance

For freelance teams, Yaware.TimeTracker provides the ability to monitor the performance of each member. This allows managers to identify and respond to possible difficulties in the team's work in a timely manner.


6. Integration with other tools

Yaware.TimeTracker can easily integrate with other popular tools for freelancers, such as Asana, Trello, or Jira. This allows for even greater convenience and efficiency of task and project management.


Yaware offers to use the program for 14 days for free, so that you can experience all the functionality of the program firsthand, and only then make a decision to purchase a license.


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With these top features of Yaware.TimeTracker, freelancers and freelance teams can effectively manage their time, increase productivity and achieve their goals. Using this tool is becoming a necessary component of a successful and organized workflow in today's freelancing world.

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