Often, a marketing company management faces the necessity to monitor its employeeswork. This may be due to various reasons, for example, an employee of a particular department does not keep the working schedule or solves personal issues at work. Some employees may even neglect their duties and use the Internet for their personal purposes.
You can try to record every action of the staff members by yourself. In order to do this, you need to constantly be with the employees, watch them accurately execute their job instructions. This is inconvenient especially if a manager has lots of urgent matters, and they spend most of their time outside the office. In this case, there is a perfect solution to the problem they should give a try to the specially developed Yaware.Timetracker.
Today, lots of managers of both small enterprises and large corporations prefer this app. The use of the program has already paid off, and more than 100 companies have increased their productivity, improved their professional skills, and achieved their goals in really short time.

Functionality of Timetracking Program

In order to perform high-quality monitoring of marketing company employeesworking time, an online time tracking system comes to the rescue. Its main functions include:

  1. Mark the start and the end of working day, the hours worked by each employee and the whole team, the duration of the breaks.
  2. Analysis of the productivity of the visited websites, used programs and documents.
  3. Detection of violations, i.e. unexcused absence, late attendance, early departure from work, various distractions from tasks.
  4. Ability to install the program remotely.
  5. Operation in a hidden and open mode.

Moreover, both supervisor and employees themselves can track the work of staff. The access to personal statistics allows understanding which working hours are the most productive, which tasks take the most time, and how to increase productivity.

Advantages of Yaware.Timetracker

Employees work time logging using this program has the following advantages::

  • boost of discipline;
  • use of working hours for intended purposes;
  • reducing of the number of violations;
  • maximum work optimization;
  • full analysis of employees workload;
  • detailed report of employees tasks;
  • increase of productivity.

Moreover, if there are any problems occur during work, you can instantly fix them, since the time keeping program quickly responds to situations that have gone out of control.

How to Start Using the Timetracker

In order to start using the program for tracking working hours, you should visit to the official website of the app and create an account there to get full access to the apps functionality.
The developer offers to test the Yaware.Timetracker and provides 14 days of free trial period. The installation of the tracker does not take much time, plus it is convenient and easy to use!

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