Burnout does not appear suddenly – it develops gradually. This condition is not a disease, but it can accelerate the development of depression, for example. It should be noted that burnout is not the same as stress at work. Stress occurs when a person tries to adapt to the workload, and it is not absolutely negative. Burnout develops when a person fails to adapt and the state of stress continues.


How to recognize burnout? 


Its main signs are:

  • extreme fatigue, exhaustion;
  • distancing from work;
  • a sense of ineffectiveness and reduced professional self-esteem.


How to prevent burnout at work?


  • Separate work and your free time. Do not take work tasks home and do not solve personal problems at work.
  • Plan your work in advance. Learn to say “no” and clearly prioritize tasks.
  • Strictly follow the priorities you set and stick to the drawn up plan.
  • Take care of your physical condition. Get enough sleep, eat well, and maintain a healthy level of physical activity.  
  • Work on good relationships at home and try to be environmentally friendly at work, maintaining an open working atmosphere.
  • Identify your own capabilities and develop a career plan. Try to constantly maintain and improve your skills.
  • Perceive your work as important, because absolutely every profession is important and every contribution matters.


What should you, as an employer, pay attention to in order to avoid risks to your employees' mental health?


  • Safe working conditions

A workplace where health and safety rules are not followed can worsen employees' mental health, lead to dismissals and reputational damage.


  • Healthy communication 

Good communication is a sign of a good relationship between manager and employee. Good communication can nip conflicts in the bud, whereas poor communication can create tension, increase stress and worsen mental health.


  • Support employees

It's important to ask your employees and colleagues what obstacles they have in completing their tasks and whether they understand everything. Lack of such communication often makes employees feel overwhelmed and unmotivated. Be open to each other. 


  • Realistic requirements for productivity and efficiency

If you constantly demand the highest results from employees in the shortest possible time, they can become stressed and feel pressured. The desire to meet overly high expectations leads to increased workload, overtime and emotional burnout.


To help employees learn how to maintain a work-life balance, you can also implement a time tracker. Such software will help employees to control their time, working without overexertion and overwork. 


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