Each team has separate tasks and one common goal. The more effective the work on the tasks – the faster the team gets closer to the goal and the fewer mistakes it makes on its way. If the efficiency curve goes down and the deadlines set at the start are constantly postponed, then there are concerns about time management.

Team time management is a collective organization of working time and improving the efficiency of its use. Simply put, the more efficiently each team member uses working time, the faster the team reaches the goal and closes tasks on time.

If the team's time management is imperfect, what is the problem?

Lack of accounting for working time is the main reason for the “limping” time management of the whole team. When the manager, project manager, or client does not understand “why is it taking so long?” or “what is the point of working if there is no result?” then it is important to help the employee to manage their time..

Typically, companies keep track of time by using timesheets and indicating the time spent on the task at the end of the workweek in an Excel spreadsheet. This method of timekeeping is a headache: the data is inaccurate, people forget to enter data or enter it very roughly, it is inconvenient to report.

Employees can use a time tracker to keep track of time.

3 arguments in favor of the online time tracker:

  1. Time tracker increases efficiency by several times.
  2. Gives an understanding of the real cost of time.

    It is common to set a certain amount of time for a task and end up taking much longer to complete it. Adjusting working hours to the task is an argument for increasing the budget. In order to get a decent pay for their work, the team is interested in a time tracker.

  3. The client receives transparent reporting with indicators of actual resource costs.

Time is one of the key resources of the workflow. When the deadlines for the project are postponed and the tasks close later than planned, the client has many questions and as a result – dissatisfaction with the work of the team. Tracking time to complete the tasks will give the client an understanding of the real situation and will allow for adjustments to the work process, where both parties are interested in the result and understand the value of time.

What else will make the team's work more efficient?


Before starting work on projects and tasks, it is important to plan: time, budget, amount of human resources. Critical mistakes are often made, which make the workflow longer than planned, and the budget set for the task changes.

In order not to keep everything in mind, it is important to record project tasks in the project management system (task managers). Recording tasks not only frees the head but also systematizes the work process.

Appointment of the lead and the responsible person

Two key tasks of project management. When each team member knows their role, a clear hierarchy is created where everyone does their job. Understanding your role in the team eliminates the possibility of shifting responsibilities to others if the task was not completed on time.

Deadline for the task

You can set a start and finish date for each task. It is important to not only manage time effectively but also to know the time frame for a task. When an employee sees a deadline, he can manage time more efficiently and rationally. Tasks without a deadline may be delayed or not completed at all.

Focusing. Team motivation. Vacation

Focusing on one task is important. Jumping between tasks leads to the loss of focus, creates chaos, and dramatically reduces the chances of completing the task on time and doing the job well. The principles of project management come to the rescue when new tasks arise while previous ones have not yet been completed.

Team motivation is the task of the project manager or manager. It can motivate a comfortable workplace, additional bonuses, group recreation, and much more. Intrinsic motivation is also important in time management: “If I don't do this, I won't get anything else.” Everyone has their inner motivation.

How to choose time management tools for teams?

The first step is testing. Tools that increase team performance become a useful habit over time. Yaware offers users a demo version of the program and a free trial period of 14 days. If you have any questions, write to us. We will be happy to help you.

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