HR managers must ensure that the company's human HR needs are met promptly. As more employees work from home or other locations outside their normal workplace, time trackers are becoming even more important for keeping track of employee hours and project progress throughout each day, as well as weekly reports that summarize all activities for manager review at any time.

How does Yaware TimeTracker solve the tasks of the HR manager?

The success of companies and their income depends on the work of both in-office teams, and remote workers. If the team is large, it is difficult for the manager to keep track of each “link”. When realizing this, employees tend to relax and not work as hard.

To establish productive personnel management, the company hires an HR manager into the team. He is required to monitor every office and remote employee. His responsibilities also include the development of a concept to eliminate the problems, and their further prevention. One such effective method is the simple Yaware TimeTracker. It becomes the main HR assistant and helps to solve the following tasks:

1. Assess the staff

The job of analyzing the employees of the company falls on the shoulders of the manager. It often happens that at a first glance the boss has everything under control, but for reasons unknown to him, he constantly loses employees. It is important to understand why some employees quit every three months. It’s not so scary if the person who quit was a mediocre specialist, but it’s not profitable to lose professionals, as they bring income and motivate other team members by setting an example. The personnel management strategy includes the analysis and evaluation of employees – working in the office, remote and retired. Why is it important to consider even those candidates who have already left? Competencies, work results, the time they devoted to their work and the speed of solving professional problems – all this provides data for compiling an objective portrait of an employee. Based on it, we can see whether or not the manager did everything right, or if he motivated his subordinates well enough. Personnel assessment is an opportunity for an objective analysis of employees without generalizing “I like this one, but this one I don’t like”.

2. Motivate staff

Once the strengths and weaknesses are identified, you can start working on them. This is a difficult task for the HR manager, as it determines whether the loss of labor will continue or stop. A specialist, for example, performs the duties of an accountant. The HR manager needs to understand whether the employee receives the promised salary, whether this happens exactly at the allotted time, and whether he has additional bonuses for overtime on weekends or holidays. The time tracker will allow you to check the salary of employees by the hour or by day, as well as the salary of remote workers. If the salary is low, it does not mean that it is necessary to raise it because you can always introduce an additional bonus system and reward the employee. To create an effective strategy for increasing motivation in a team, it is necessary to analyze the productivity of each of its members and the team as a whole, and compile employee ratings. As a result, it is possible to form an economically beneficial system of incentives to satisfy the needs of workers without undermining the financial position of the company.

3. Control

It is more difficult to keep track of projects that are carried out by several subordinates at once. Using the tracker will allow you to control the staff of the company openly or secretly. During the installation of the program on the computer of the employee, the appropriate mode is selected. If you install “surveillance” openly, the motivation of the staff increases, the work is done faster, more efficiently, and better. But there is also a minus: it can lead to negativity in the team since no one likes to be constantly watched. As for covert control, it is useful for problematic subordinates who have questions. The manager uses this feature to clear doubts or confirm concerns about a particular employee.

A productive approach to personnel management is a combination of assessment/analysis, motivation, and control of the enterprise team.

Performance statistics

Modern personnel management and its methods facilitate the work of a manager by providing tools for tracking, controlling, analyzing work and its productivity/efficiency/benefit for the organization. The time tracker provides everything you need for this, namely:

  • an automatic record of working hours is the best approach for a manager to establish an effective system in an enterprise. What can be seen: when each employee starts and ends the working day, the work process directly at the computer, as well as early or late clock-ins in the morning, absence from the workplace and the hours when this happened, the actual recorded number of working hours;
  • tracking programs running on a PC – this approach is especially effective in “surveillance” of problematic team members who might be engaged in personal affairs behind the monitor – they watch videos on YouTube, check social networks, post photos on Instagram, check personal email. The tracker will help you track which tabs, sites, applications, programs, and more have been opened on your computer;
  • options for analyzing offline processes are new technologies for managing personnel through a time tracker, with which you can keep track of meetings, online meetings, and breaks. The manager keeps track of what subordinates are doing when they are not at the PC screen: whether they are productively spending these hours or spending time on themselves and their needs;
  • screenshots are official proof of whether an employee is doing or evading their duties. Modern technology for creating screenshots of the desktop and photos from the webcam gives an idea of ​​​​what happens in the office when no one is watching the workers, as well as making sure that the online meeting was held.

The personnel management process is beneficial for the manager, wherever he is: in the office, at home, on a business trip. The management will be able to regularly receive statistical information for the day, week, month of work and conduct analytics regarding the work of a particular member of the team, as well as the increase or decrease in the income of the enterprise during this time.


It is not difficult to maintain staff motivation management in the office if you use a time tracker.

Business development depends on the quality of work of employees gathered in one team, their communication, and other interactions.

A business will flourish if an HR manager knows how to assess the team, motivate and control its members at every stage of work, as well as in the office, at home, or on a business trip. The main feature of doing business in a company is analytics and regular provision of statistical information to superiors. These processes are easy to automate using the Yaware TimeTracker.

Trend tools and tricks for 2022 should help you manage your staff. Expansion of the gig economy, staff development, workflow automation are the secrets of success for a business based on working with large groups of people.

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