Task Manager is a program that simplifies workflow and project management. Now, in order to find out how efficiently the team works, set a task for employees or control the execution, all you need to do is open the program. Read about the benefits of a task manager and how to choose one in our material.

Why do you need your own personal task manager?

As long as there are several people on the team, the process of setting tasks does not take much time. For this, email or any messenger is suitable. When different people are involved in the process, you will need a single space for organizing, managing and monitoring results. Any of these components are influenced by the “human factor”: “I forgot”, “I’ll do it later”, “Is it necessary right now?”. As a result, the work was not completed or completed later than agreed. The enterprise loses projects, clients, money, and its own name. Therefore, task management is an important process in any enterprise. Labor productivity, and hence profitability, depends on it. But, as practice shows, it takes a lot of time (and the manager’s nerves). So why not automate it?

How to choose: 5 signs of a good task manager

Trial and error is the best way to choose a task manager for your team, you will be able to find what you need. If you look at the range of solutions globally, then a good task manager meets the following requirements:


The functionality is understandable to people with different levels of PC proficiency. You don't have to search for the features you need, everything is in a prominent place and easy to use.

Keeps track of time

Look for a task manager integrated in the time tracker. You can not only set tasks, but also know how employees work, evaluate their productivity and used sites, and see the real workload of employees. In companies with hourly wages, this automates the calculation of payments.

Provides detailed reporting

With this function, you can view information for a certain period, calculate key indicators, or predict the workload.

Guaranteed technical support

If you do not know when you need to integrate the task manager with the right system, set up reports or customize functions for your team, then check the availability of technical support and the response time to requests in advance.


Check if you can use the task manager on Windows/Mac OS, set tasks from your phone or connect with the desired application: Google calendar, Slack, etc.

Popular task managers


Suitable for team and personal use. The main functionality is available for free on iOS and Android, and a subscription expands the set of tools. The task manager is only available in English, but you can translate it using the Asana Translate Chrome extension.


Interface in the form of a board with tasks on cards. The tasks can be moved and assigned to a designated person, and the deadlines can be set. . Ideal for small teams. Offers integration with popular programs: Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, OneDrive, MailChimp.


“Favorite” of IT companies with tasks-tickets and a rating system that you can develop yourself or use the proposed one. In Jira, integration with other programs is available and project management is available to every employee.


The good thing is that it supports multiple projects and allows you to track errors. Also, a role is assigned to each user and it can change depending on the work in a particular project. The tools are Gantt charts and a calendar.


Part of Yaware.TimeTracker , a time tracking system, is suitable for personal use or for businesses of all sizes. The program allows:

  • create projects and tasks;
  • appoint executors;
  • designate deadlines;
  • indicate the estimated time to complete the task;
  • receive reports of the programs and applications used during the solution of the problem;
  • the ability to work online in the task manager;
  • plan tasks for a long time.

Also, integration with the time tracking system helps organize the work of remote employees, evaluate their productivity and workload. 19 different reports show a detailed picture of the company's work, from setting goals to tracking time spent on social networks. Yaware.TimeTracker has a function for calculating payroll, grouping employees and assigning managers responsible for each department.


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