Task Delegation Automatisation Program

The key to companys success is its development, the profit growth depends on the whole team without exception. For this, the company needs to coordinated work of the entire staff, from managers to their subordinates. It will be such under the following conditions:

  • responsible attitude of employees to their own duties;
  • having a desire to work;
  • proper distribution of projects;
  • fulfillment of tasks in time.

How to delegate tasks correctly

In order to achieve good results, first of all you should delegate tasks correctly. This means the distribution of projects among subordinates of the executive managers.
Delegation is not just the distribution of tasks among the team members. In order for the process to be coherent, the quality of the work done to be high, and the time spent to be minimal, you need to monitor the work of each available employee. This will help to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of each of them, define their special skills, working pace, the desire to do their work, self-develop and improve.
To begin the delegation of any project you need:

  1. Define the goal, as well as time frames, resource costs, conditional plan of implementation.
  2. Assign a performer. Specify the goal, clarify all the scope of its implementation and requirements.
  3. Increase motivation. It can be based on any reward according to the specifics of the organization or company.
  4. Monitor intermediate results. This will help to keep abreast of events, adjust the situation in the right time and contributes to further delegation of other projects. It is also allowed to make adjustments if they are necessary.
  5. Determine the quality of the result, summarize it, reward the performer.

Such a course of teamwork building is a perfect example, adhering to which, not only the head of the company will achieve personal success, but their entire team.

How to choose a performer?

Every good leader does not divide the subordinates into good and bad employees. They should be evaluated solely on their strengths and weaknesses, which necessarily manifest themselves during the performance of their job duties, even for a short period. This will make it possible to rely on the skills of each of them and to use it for the good of the company. The only necessary things are to monitor the work of employees closely, to analyze their work and to draw the necessary conclusions, on the basis of which delegate the tasks in the future.
The process of monitoring can be more accurate and correct if you use the Yaware.Timetracker program. This software has already used by 3114 managers for now.
This monitoring program collects data during the entire working time on each employee, both in the office or remote, on one department or on the entire staff as a whole. The processes that are mandatory, but routine are easily automated. For example, keeping a record of working time, schedule, daily reports, etc.

How to make 20% more with Yaware.Timetracker

After the installation of the time tracker on the user's PC, the manager enters the initial data in the settings, on the basis of which the program will generate all subsequent statistics. During the working day, the time keeping software keeps records of:

  • start and end of work;
  • delays, absences, days off, vacation days;
  • visits to the sites and pages on the Internet, after which they are classified as useful, not useful, neutraldepending on the work process;
  • time spent on each task or project.

All the data collected are compiled into statistics in a user-friendly format, is saved and sent off as a report to the managers e-mail. The in-depth analysis will allow the employer to determine how much time the subordinates spend on work and personal affairs, whether they work on projects within the designated period or delays them. When studying the sites they visit, it is possible to establish what exactly the employee is interested in, how much time he or she devotes to each of the pages.
All the data collected will help the manager to determine the level of productivity and the workload of staff and to delegate tasks properly.

Automation of tasks delegation process

Yaware.Timetracker is one of the programs that helps to not only simplify the workflow, but also provide close monitoring of the actions of each employee. It determines the degree of his or her interest in the results of work.
There are a number different project management tools for teams that automate the process of delegating tasks to employees. Yaware.Timetracker will have integration soon with:

  1. Trello
  2. Jira
  3. Asana
  4. Redmine

Please mail us if you have any suggestions which program we should have integration with: contact@yaware.com
Each of the listed options will make the work relations more understandable and simpler. The staff will work more productively and smoothly in team, while the manager monitor the process from the inside and manage it correctly.

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