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What will you do if tomorrow your highly skilled employee decides to quit? For certain, you will be confused. Indeed employee’s dismissal can cost you a lot. And the better the employee, the higher the cost of his/her dismissal.Just think about it: you have to look for a new specialist, provide training, probation. Meanwhile, the work will be done the wrong way or will not be done at all.
In accordance with labor laws, in some cases an employee can quit immediately.
So, what are you going to do when you stay without the employee? How is it going to affect the work of the company?
Would you like to find out if the employee wants to quit? It is possible with Yaware.TimeTracker.

How to find out if the employee wants to quit with the help of time tracking software?

Yaware works in the background and collects all information about the websites and apps used by the employee. Then, time tracking software checks the website/application against its database and identifies the group (business, education, humor, news, job search sites), to which the visited website/ used application belongs. The analysed data in then generated into the report “By categories”:
All recruitment websites are gathered in one category – “Job Search Sites”, which belongs to the unproductive group. This means it will be marked with red color in the report, so you can easily notice it.
By looking through the report, you can find out if the employee wants to quit and is already looking for a new job.
Now, it`s up to you, what to do with this information. Depending on the situation, you can either have a chat with the employee or start looking for a new employee.
We hope that with the help of Yaware.TimeTracker you can keep valuable employees, as well as save time and company resources on finding and training a new employee.

Find out if your employee wants to quit

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