It's hard to keep everything under control when your business is growing. It all starts with a small number of projects for a fixed fee. Next, you consolidate your position in the market, you have new clients and more complex projects. But how to evaluate the new volume of work?


This is where the main problem arises: due to a lack of understanding of how to correctly estimate the amount of work, you risk earning less or even going into the red. As a result, the business realizes the importance of counting working hours, that is, having clear and specific data on the consumption of resources and profit from them. And the solution to this problem is the transition to hourly wages.


What is an hourly wage?

Hourly labor is a type of contracting where the service provider receives a fixed fee for each hour of work based on an approved hourly rate. In turn, the basic salary of an employee in the case of hourly wages is determined by the number of hours worked.


Advantages of hourly payment

More accurate project cost estimation: Time tracking provides real-time data on how much resource you spend on a given project.

Client Transparency: Time tracking will allow your clients to see where their money is going and what work is being done for them.

Workload Management: With hourly pay, you can adjust for any deviations from the team's initial workload.


Yaware time tracker

Yaware.TimeTracker is simple and convenient for teams of all sizes and structures, designed specifically to improve productivity.


Yaware cares not only about companies, but also about their employees. Buying a Yaware.TimeTracker license will be useful:

  • as for a company that wants to increase the productivity of its staff and, as a result, increase profits
  • as well as for an employee who wants to increase his earnings and receive transparent reporting and a fair assessment of his efforts.


With its help you will learn:

  • what time of day is most productive for employees
  • what resources employees use to perform a specific task
  • how much time is spent on the task
  • when there are difficulties in completing a task and you need help
  • which distracts employees and prevents them from moving forward


Want to start using Yaware.TimeTracker but hesitate? Try using the program for 14 days for free to experience its functionality to the full!


Use Yaware.TimeTracker at work and you won't have any problems. Only solutions!

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