Keeping your team productive and happy while working remotely is no easy task. But as more companies adopt flexible work policies, the demand for remote work solutions continues to grow. There are many ways to manage remote employees – you need to know where to find them. Those who manage their virtual teams most effectively can streamline internal processes and prevent communication breakdowns, leading to increased employee happiness and better business outcomes. Here are 10 ways to manage remote employees to serve your company's strategic goals best.

Build a solid foundation of trust and communication

Before thinking about managing employees, you must build a solid foundation of trust and communication. When team members feel comfortable, they are more likely to talk about problems and feel supported by managers and peers. It is the foundation on which all other successful remote management strategies are built. If that foundation hasn't been laid yet, you might want to take a step back and consider whether your team members are the right fit for this work environment.

Create transparent working tools

If your remote employees can't see each other, they won't be able to create the camaraderie that comes from working together in the same office. Fortunately, there are many ways to help you keep your employees connected. Start by creating a team chat to facilitate daily communication and collaboration. Choosing the right video conferencing software is worth it to help your team feel more connected. Consider tools like collaborative project management software to help you stay organized and keep up with your work schedule. Easy-to-use programs like Yaware TimeTracker keep projects on schedule and minimize miscommunications about time and pay.

Track the performance of remote employees

If you want to manage the productivity of your remote employees, you first need to understand how each team member works best. Start by learning about each team member's preferred work styles and performance issues. Create a plan that considers these preferences while keeping in mind the timing of the project. You can also use a time tracking app like Yaware TimeTracker to track how your team members spend their time. It will help you adjust their workload and ensure consistent performance.

Celebrate Achievements and Maintain Morale

Everyone likes to know they've done an excellent job, but it's not always easy for leaders to admit that when everyone is working remotely. While you can celebrate team members' birthdays and holidays in a group chat, you'll likely want to make the confession more personal. You can use video conferencing or virtual greetings. Or set aside time each week for a unique virtual get-together where team members can share what they're working on and celebrate each other's progress.


Remote work can create real challenges for managers who want to keep their teams productive and engaged. With the right tools, a clear roadmap, and creativity, you can overcome these challenges and help your remote team achieve exceptional results. For this, you need:

  • build a solid foundation of trust and communication,
  • install transparent working tools,
  • monitor the productivity of remote employees,
  • celebrate achievements and maintain morale,
  • then take stock by analyzing how you can improve as a manager.
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