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There is now a unique program that is designed for managers, IT-specialists, all specialists with remote employment, and HR-managers, the project management and time tracking software Yaware.Timetracker.
The functionality of this software exceeds all previously known and allows you to automate a lot of processes that require accuracy. The first task of the program is to collect data about everything that happens for a full work day. The information can be recorded individually on each of the employees, or on the entire team of specialists.
This time tracker is installed easily, so even a person not good at computers can do it. Next, you need to enter the original data to the initial settings. They should be entered carefully and adjusted to the specifics of the company, as this will be the starting point for all subsequent data collection and reports that will be provided by the program.
In the settings, the managers must indicate the work schedule of employees, the nominal number of working hours per day, email addresses, where reports will be sent to and other details.

What the Yaware project management software do?

Yaware.Timetracker monitors everything that happens on a PC of a remote or office employee.

Working time accounting.

The program runs from the start of working day to its end, referring to the original data. In this way, all data on delays, absences, time off, days off, vacation, etc. are carefully recorded.
Daily Activity


Saved and visited pages on the Internet are recorded not only by links, but also by the number of minutes spent on them. Each of them falls under the category of “useful”, “neutral” or “not useful”.
Report by the time of application


It is formed based on the data collected; viewing which will reveal the employees interest in their tasks, the level of distractions from work, a decrease or increase in productivity.
Rating of Productive Employees

Tasks and Projects.

project & tasks
In addition, speaking about the program as a project management software, the program will soon be able to integrate with other task management systems. While the functionality allows you to create projects and tasks, calculate the budget, monitor implementation. Instant notifications are active:

  • a new task;
  • new comment;
  • change in the existing task.

So the employee will not miss important changes in the work schedule, and will be able to respond to them in a timely manner.
Based on the data provided by the time tracker, the manager has a good opportunity to assess the workload of all subordinates, which will allow to adjust the working process in the future.
For each project and the task assigned, there is a conditional period of time in which it is supposed to be completed. If time will go far beyond the set limits, there is always an opportunity to check the reasons for this and even see what is happening.

Advantaged for managers

A fair and wise manager is able to appreciate the true value of Yaware.Timetracker. After all, this is the best way to always stay abreast of what is happening with the team members who are not only present in the office, but also work remotely.
The invaluable assistant of the manager will be able to make many decisions legitimate and reasonable:

  • taking special actions to increase productivity;
  • charging of bonuses and rewards;
  • identifying employeesoverwork;
  • direct evidence of actions due to which the manager can charge fines, make preventive reprimands, or dismiss an employee;
  • non-observance of employment contract clauses and official duties.

Moreover, the working time monitoring program fills in a number of documents automatically, which eliminates human factor errors, which means that working hours will be correctly recorded per minute.
Employers should take into account the fact that the Yaware.Timetracker can be installed only by mutual agreement of the parties and with the participation of the PC user. No other way! Employees should also be informed about the type of information collected, the way it will be collected and sent off to management.

Advantages of the time tracker for office and remote employees

The thought that time tracking programs are created for managers to control their subordinates is ultimately wrong.
Such software provides each user with modern automation of the routine processes – filling in the work schedule, timesheet, tons of documentation that always accompany everyday work. Yaware.Timetracker takes on these tasks, thereby freeing up valuable time of a worker for lots of important and useful things!
Even a very responsible employee can relax because of the remote work, which results in the fact that their performance and productivity decrease. In this case, the psychological understanding that the employer invisibly monitors the work process will be motivating.
According to survey, scientists from Europe found out that employees who use time trackers to monitor their work were able to improve their performance in a short time in the following categories:

  • punctuality;
  • self-discipline;
  • learned to focus on important processes;
  • prioritize cases;
  • they needed less time to complete their tasks.

Office and remote employees, whose payment depends not on a fixed rate, but on the amount of work done, were able to improve their results and earn more!

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