Increasing the productivity of employees at the computer in fact, isn't as easy as it may seem at first glance. At first, you must analyze in detail the current workflow, identify the bottlenecks and only then – start working on them. Problems arise already in the first step: how to analyze the performance of the employee at the computer?
For this case, the developers have created the assistant program Yaware.Timetracker. Its main function is to collect data on the processes occurring during working hours. The installation process is simple for even the newbie.

Step first: collect and analyze the information with Yaware.Timetracker

Right after the software is installed, the manager should enter a number of initial data, based on which the tracker will collect information and report subsequently. The settings include the working schedule of employees, set time of trackers, email addresses for reports and other special settings covering the features of the organization or company.
Time tracker keeps control per minute and records:

  1. Time from the start of the working day to its end. Separate tabs for delays, absences, days off, vacation, maternity leave, etc.
  2. Visited websites and pages on the Internet, plus the time spent on each of them.
  3. The program provisionally classify each site regarding the employees functional duties as “neutral”, “useful” or “useless”.
  4. Record of time to complete each project and task.
  5. Statistics are generated in a convenient form for subsequent analysis of productivity.

The accuracy of the information is phenomenal, subject to the accuracy of the initial settings and without the error caused by the human factor. Much easier than watching and measuring the performance of each employee on their own!

The managers should take into account that the installation of the Yaware.Timetracker program can be made only by mutual agreement of parties and with the participation of the employee.

Employees should be notified of how the program collects data and transfers it, as well as clarify the presence of a webcam and the necessary supporting applications and tools.

Next step: Make notice

Already in a short period the manager will be able to determine:

  • staff workload and adjust the process in the future;
  • number of distractions of the employee during working hours;
  • way of motivation for each remote employee individually, for the department or the entire team.

Pay attention to additional reports: efficient and inefficient employees ratings.

Rating of Productive Employees
Rating of Productive Employees

Rating of Unproductive Employees
Rating of Unproductive Employees

Despite all the reports provided, the employer should remember that employees at a fixed rate work half-way more often than those who are paid depending on the amount of work done.
Moreover, the most effective method to increase productivity is to strengthen the team spirit and motivate the staff financially.

Final: Increasing Productivity

After analyzing Yaware.Timetracker reports, create a list of the main causes of unproductive work: distracting apps, long and frequent breaks, delays. You can display the Dashboard report in a big screen so that workers can see their activity in real time. Or do the same with Ratings. It will increase motivation at the expense of the competition element. Reinforcement by material motivation will only increase the overall positive effect.
Meanwhile, the employee will psychologically perceive the workflow more seriously, sensing the invisible presence of the manager. This will stimulate the development of self-discipline, increase efficiency, and as a result productivity! Try it by now

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