Product development and launch often encounter problems that require an effective solution. One of these problems is estimation, which is important for the successful completion of the project and achievement of the set goals. In this article, we'll take a look at some of the main problems associated with product development and launch, and suggest ways to solve them.


1. Insufficient or excessive estimate

One of the most common problems in product development and launch is insufficient or excessive estimates. While under-estimation can lead to delays in project implementation and failure to meet objectives, over-estimation can lead to costs that exceed the budget and inefficient use of resources. 


To solve this problem, it is important to have accurate information about the scope of work and use estimation methods based on experience and analysis of similar projects.


2. Poor communication

Communication is also one of the key aspects of a successful estimate. But there is often a problem of insufficient communication between developers, project managers and customers. This can lead to a misunderstanding of requirements and expectations, as well as an incorrect estimate of the resources and time required to complete the project. 


To solve this problem, it's important to establish clear communication between all parties, including regular meetings, emails and joint working documents.


3. Lack of understanding of the project goal

One of the biggest problems in estimation is the lack of information and understanding of the project. Often, developers don't have a clear picture of what exactly needs to be implemented, what the functional requirements are, and what the limitations of the product are. Again, this can lead to an incorrect estimate or underestimation of the resources needed to successfully complete the project.


To solve this problem, make sure to provide a clear and detailed project description before starting the estimate. Developers should have access to all the necessary information about the project.


4. Insufficient accuracy of time estimation

Ensuring accurate estimates of the time required to develop and launch a product is extremely important. To do this, it is enough to implement a time tracker.


A time tracker is software that allows you to monitor the time spent on various tasks. It provides an opportunity to accurately measure the amount of time spent on each task, which helps the development team make more accurate estimates for future projects.


One of the main ways that a time tracker affects estimation is by providing objective data. When a developer keeps track of their time, they get accurate information about how many hours they spent on each task. This allows you to make a more realistic estimate of the time required for similar tasks in the future.


The time tracker also helps to set priorities and distribute time between different tasks. It helps developers analyze how much time they spend on each task and determine which tasks require more attention and resources. This helps to ensure more efficient resource allocation and improve team productivity.


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