Each programmer have definitely faced the problem of personal productivity control. When work takes all the time, it is difficult to plan spare hours, and to sort out work tasks by their importance. Moreover, the deadlines can be short, and persons understand that they do not have time to meet them. In this situation they realize they need to control the workflow.
Personal efficiency depends on the following factors:

  • personal goal setting;
  • productivity;
  • resources spent.

When you know your goals and strive to achieve them, it will make all your efforts to be productive. Otherwise, the fast work pace will not matter, since it is not what you need. You can pretend you are busy, but if the tasks performed are only pulling you away from the goal, then it will be impossible to achieve personal efficiency.
If the result is not beneficial, then the programmers personal productivity equals zero. Do not forget that the value of the result is a relative number, which is the efficiency. When working on a customers task, the programmers productivity may be high, but comparing to his own level of effectiveness, it may be low or even zero. The result is very important for him, but it is useless for the specialist.
When achieving the goal, it is recommended to take into account the resources you spent on getting the result. In the case of depletion of inner resources, there is a severe decrease in personal efficiency.

But first…

Before you start working on personal productivity, we recommend you to put its current level down. To measure this indicator, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do I know for sure what I want to achieve?
  2. How fast can I achieve the specific tasks for today?
  3. Do I have the necessary amount of resources to achieve my goals?

Then, define the answer using a 10-point scale. You can control your productivity only if you know at what stage you are now. When assessing personal productivity, it is undesirable to stick to someone else's opinion. Otherwise, the third persons judgment will reflect the effectiveness of achieving their goals.

What To Consider When Choosing Productivity Tracking Method

It is widely known that the working process control plays a larger role than the result control when the subject of control is workers who spend time at the computer and process the corresponding operations. We are talking about programmers and those jobs which results imply unquestioning fulfillment of rules and job instructions.
The result tracking has the highest priority, while it does not cancel the process tracking, provided that monitoring is carried out by a professional programmer, who spends a considerable part of working hours on difficult tasks. There are no special components, however, each employee chooses their own method to achieve it. Accordingly, the final result of work may vary.
In order to choose the right method of work tracking method, you should consider the following:

  1. Monitoring for control should be done with an understanding of the meaning of the process being monitored.
  2. Control must be systematic (in the case it is performed by the head of the company).
  3. The process must facilitate the evaluation of personal productivity.
  4. It must provide the possibility to manage employees own time.
  5. It should help to keep track and analyze working hours' productivity.

Do not forget that any good deed will bring nothing or will even cause a considerable productivity decline, if choosing the wrong approach. In this situation, control is not an exception.

What Means To Use For Control

Yaware.TimeTracker facilitates solving the issues of personal effectiveness monitoring. It is used in various medium and large companies, and many programmers trust this system. Thanks to this simple app, you can manage your work time by yourself without violating your personal space while working on tasks.
It is easy to start using the program, you need to download it at the official website and install it on your PC. The users have an opportunity to try the app for free they are given 14 days full functionality trial period, which includes tracking and assessment of productive/unproductive websites, documents opened, and offline activity monitoring.

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