Automation of many processes in different fields of human activity was really beneficial. Routine and standard fillings of graphs, tables, various kinds of documents are a thing of the past and freed up a lot of time for useful things.
Retail trade is one of the most complex activities and requires careful and constant monitoring. Automating of this process will help to keep correct statistics and adjust the process on the basis of the data collected, improving it. In this case, the software that is of great help is Yaware.Timetracker.

Computer monitoring with the time tracking program

Thus, the working time monitoring will apply to all departments and areas of operation, and it will be possible to:

  1. Keep a total track of working hours of the staff. During working hours, work activities, breaks, lunch break, personal activities, meetings and conferences, working moments will be taken into account. The program is perfectly applied to office employees, to employees of retail outlets, and to everyone who uses a computer.
  2. Control of remote employees with a flexible working hours and office employees at their computers.
  3. Define the workload of staff and distribute tasks properly, plan activities.
  4. Evaluate the level of productivity and, if necessary, increase it.
  5. Calculate the correct ratio of wages, charge bonuses and penalties if necessary.

This kind of monitoring staff working time helps the manager greatly. The program is highly accurate and eliminates errors that may occur because of the human factor.

How is the time tracker software installed and operated?

If the employees protest against the spyware, you can give them a sensible answer Yaware.Timetracker can be installed only after notifying the employees and with their consent! The installation on a PC is done remotely, and office personnel may assist if necessary.
It should be noted that the information is collected as follows:

  • when the programs are opened at a PC, the time monitoring program starts counting time and finishes it after the programs are closed, thereby revealing late arrivals and overtime;
  • visit to each site and page will be displayed in the report with indication of time spent there;
  • photo report from the employees desk and workplace is also sent to the manager along with statistics.

First of all, after the installation of the program, the managers must make all necessary adjustments with the working hours, days of the week, and weekends set. They should also set a period of time in which the statistical data will be collected, as well as other important details that even a novice manager can adjust with the help of the manual.

How to increase the productivity with a tracking program?

Yaware.Timetracker gathers information, shares it with management, controls every minute of the working time of staff. In addition, there is an invisible psychological motivation element that will definitely help and discipline. The very existence of a time tracking program on the PC will encourage staff to work more responsibly, more, and more diligently. Self-discipline will improve, and with this proper reasonable motivation, an increase in productivity will soon be noticeable.
The manager will be able to rebuke or accrue fines on those employees, who will remain avid violators of working discipline, according to the results of monitoring statistics and photo reports.
In accordance with the advice of psychologists, managers who use spyware programs need to take into account not only the personal freedom of each employee, but also their personal needs and characteristics as individuals. That is why every day there should be some free time that employees can spent on their own interests.

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