monitoring of employees working

Ever since the remote work began to rapidly gain popularity, employers themselves understood their benefits from it. After all, they no longer need to pay for comfortably furnished presentable offices with tools and equipment for work, providing services nearby and other amenities. Now, they can have a staff of a qualified specialist, who not only benefits the company, but also independently arranges their own workplaces and provide all the necessary working conditions by themselves.
However, no matter how perfect everything seems at first sight, but sooner or later, the managers face the fact that remote employees begin to treat their work carelessly for one reason or another, to complete projects after the deadline has passed, to not strive to earn more and do more.

Employees monitoring soft

A wise leader will not make hasty conclusions and thoughtlessly terminate cooperation with the worker with a dismissal. In this case, it is better to start using the Yaware.Timetracker program. This software guarantees high-quality and unobtrusive monitoring of all working processes running on the PC of office and remote employees. The most important initial settings are the personnel schedules, setting timers, specifying of email addresses and some other information based on the specifics of the organization and its activities.
The basic data the tracker collects include:

  1. Time periods. First of all, it records the time of the start of the working day, as well as its end. The information is automatically compared to the initial settings, thus identifying delays, time off, absences, and days off.
  2. Websites visited. All links to the sites visited during the workday are kept in the statistics together with the exact time an employee spent on each site.
  3. Classification. All pages visited on the Internet are classified by the tracker into three main categories: useful, non-useful, neutral. According to the class of each of them, the manager can find out their informational value, and also, if necessary, assign the conditional status of mandatoryor even recommended.
  4. Formation of statistics. According to the settings, all data will be generated in a certain form by periods with detailed information on each of them.
  5. Photo reporting. At any time, if necessary, the manager has the opportunity not only to see what is happening on the employees desktop, but also to see their workplace using a webcam, and also to take photos.

Yaware.Timetracker is an excellent assistant that automates a lot of routine processes, and also keeps daily reports with high accuracy and without even the tiniest errors. This means that in this way the time tracker will account working hours more attentive and responsible.

Terms of use of the employees monitoring software

It must be remembered that the secret use of time tracking software can be prosecuted. Therefore, it can only be installed by the mutual consent of the parties, the employer and the employee, and with their direct participation. The manager also must notify the staff about what kind of data are collected and how the program collects them and forms the report.
Access to a PC of an office or remote employee is permitted only during their working hours and is prohibited at any other time.
The managers with a database collected during the period of use of Yaware.Timetracker, can reasonably decide on:

  • charging of bonuses and rewards for the work done, overwork, as well as for other reasons;
  • imposing fines based on violations, confirmed by data or photos;
  • making reprimands, warnings, justify decisions on dismissal.

The statistics provided by the working hours monitoring program will help to identify the workload of staff and help make the corresponding adjustments, to determine the level of productivity of each employee individually, as well as develop a motivational system.

Who needs tracker the most, the manager or the employee?

It may seem that the time tracker is a tool for strict control of subordinates and nothing else. In fact, this is not true at all!
The monitoring program provides the manager with data on the work process and the work success of the team, but has completely different benefits for employees. The survey revealed that 87 percent of users are satisfied with the use of the Yaware.Timetracker program theyve tried for short time.
The thing is that many people working in a comfortable home environment need help and stimulus from outside, which will help them to become more focused, punctual, strive to work better and to achieve greater results. This time monitoring software performs such a role and gives the users the psychological realization that through the tracker the manager is looking after them, it even becomes a kind of doping.
Another positive trends include personal growth, increased professionalism and self-discipline, and better focus on success. In addition, employees who do not have a fixed rate salary and whose income depends on the amount of work done will have more time to work and, accordingly, earn more money!

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