Make Your Office Employees More Productive

Every manager wants their employees to be fully committed to the work process. This is the best way to achieve business success, profit and professional growth, plus this helps to open new job positions.
Personal productivity is necessary not only for the manager, but also for employees, too. There are serious reasons for this:

  • self-fulfillment;
  • self-development;
  • professional level increase;
  • punctuality;
  • self-discipline;
  • responsibility.

Such qualities are a good addition to any CV and a great advantage of an applicant. Everyone can achieve this, the main thing is to strive for it. The company management is responsible for making his subordinates to do it.

How to Increase Productivity

There are 20 ways to increase employee productivity which are suitable for any company and enterprise, without exceptions:

  1. Create comfortable working environment.
  2. Provide job tools. Not only PCs and devices are needed at a workplace, the employees need a number of programs that will help them accomplish the tasks faster and more qualitatively.
  3. Work-wages balance.
  4. Rewards. For proper level of productivity an employee should be rewarded. If this does not lead to a greater productivity increase, then it will definitely keep it at the proper level.
  5. Interesting projects.
  6. Workflow control. There are many time tracking programs that monitor employees actions and analyze their productivity every working day almost every minute.
  7. Communication between team members. Productivity is not always the merit of one person, often the whole team is engaged. Therefore, warm relationships within the team are very important.
  8. Team spirit. Teamwork on one project is very important, as are motivational programs. They stimulate competition and activity of the team members.
  9. No flat bans. Psychologists have found out that in 90 percent of cases a flat ban on some actions in the workplace just leads to its violation. Therefore, wise managers pretend to not pay attention to a certain period that an office or remote employee use for personal affairs.
  10. Growth prospects.
  11. Automation of processes. Technical progress and the development of the Internet offer many useful programs that can perform routine tasks instead of human, and without errors. Their use in business and for the staff work monitoring is necessary.
  12. Surveys and questioning. To achieve productivity increase, it is important to know each employees wishes and suggestions for improving the workflow. Monthly or quarterly survey will help to resolve this issue. Anonymous questioning is an often practice.
  13. Common interests.
  14. Schedule. This aspect is especially relevant for remote employees. With the help of the productivity monitoring program, for example Yaware.TimeTraker, you can easily find the amount of time by which the working day of such employees can be reduced with maximum efficiency.
  15. Freedom of opinion.
  16. Monitoring. It is often useful to learn the workflow structure of successful companies. There is nothing wrong with using their experience and achieving success.
  17. Development.
  18. Freedom to operate.
  19. Fines. In case of absence at the workplace, visits to unproductive or neutral websites, being late and not meeting the deadlines of projects, the employer has the full right to introduce some fines at his own discretion. The Yaware.TimeTraker program can be especially useful here. With this time logging software, an employer can access the employee's PC webcam and view photos of the desktop and workplace. This will be a direct evidence and the reason for imposition of fines.
  20. Right to choose. Every employee has the right to change the proposed work schedule if necessary. In particular, it is important to increase productivity. An individual approach to each employee is the right thing to do for business development.

Even some above listed ways for personal productivity growth of employees in the office will have a positive impact. The main thing in teamwork is mutual respect and understanding.

Main Reasons For Low Productivity of Office Staff

Almost nothing can interfere with the work of a qualified specialist with the necessary knowledge and experience. Most often, the reasons are different:

  • inability to distribute and schedule daily tasks;
  • lack of focus;
  • external distractions;
  • lack of self-discipline.

Freelancers and remote employees can experience lack of productivity because of the above reasons. Such minor reasons can be successfully handled. In this case, the time tracking program will be really useful and will help the employee to become organized.

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