In today's business environment, where every minute counts, optimizing work processes becomes an important task for every company. One of the key tools for achieving this goal is a local time tracker. Among many solutions on the market, the local version of Yaware.TimeTracker Enterprise stands out for its functionality and reliability.


What is Yaware.TimeTracker Enterprise?

Yaware.TimeTracker Enterprise is an advanced time tracker that allows companies to effectively track employee performance. The local version of this tool provides an additional level of security, as all data is stored on the company's internal servers, which minimizes the risk of information leakage.


  • What is a local version?

A ready-made timekeeping solution that can be used immediately after installation on the server


  • Who is it suitable for?

Suitable for companies in which maintaining corporate security standards is a priority


  • What will you get?

Monitoring the activity of employees to make the right managerial decisions


Technical requirements for the implementation of the local version


CPU: SSE 4.2 support, 2+ GHz (two or more cores)

RAM: 4 Gb or more

HDD(SSD): 500Gb SSD for normal installation (1Tb SSD or more recommended with screenshot function enabled)

Lan: 10/100/1000 Mb/s



OS: Windows: XP, 7, 8, 8.1, Linux: Ubuntu, RedHat, OpenSUSE, CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Mint, MacOS: 10.6+

CPU: 1.5GHz (Dual-Core recommended)


HDD: 300Mb

Lan: 10/100/1000 Mb/s


Key features of Yaware.TimeTracker Enterprise

  1. Effective management of working time

By using Yaware.TimeTracker Enterprise, companies can significantly improve their effective time management. The system automatically records the time spent on tasks, which allows managers to receive accurate data about the employment of employees.


  1. Analysis of employee productivity

One of the biggest advantages of using Yaware.TimeTracker Enterprise is the possibility of in-depth analysis of employee productivity. The system provides detailed reports that help identify strengths and weaknesses in the work of each employee, which contributes to making informed management decisions.


  1. Automated accounting of working hours

Thanks to the function of automated recording of working hours, the process of collecting work data becomes fully automatic, which reduces the burden on employees and minimizes the human factor.


  1. Integration with smartphones

Modern workers often use mobile devices for work. Yaware.TimeTracker Enterprise offers integration with smartphones, which allows you to conveniently track working hours even when working remotely or on a business trip.


Advantages of the local version of Yaware.TimeTracker Enterprise

  • Improving data security

Since the data is stored on the company's internal servers, the local version provides a high level of security. This is especially important for companies that work with sensitive information.


  • No dependence on internet connection

The local version of Yaware.TimeTracker Enterprise does not depend on the quality of the Internet connection, which ensures uninterrupted operation even in case of temporary problems with network access.


  • Customization and integrations

Companies can adapt the system to their specific needs, including setting up integration with other corporate systems.


Freelancer Time Tracker: Yaware.TimeTracker Enterprise

Although Yaware.TimeTracker Enterprise is designed for corporate use, this time tracker for a freelancer can also be useful. It helps freelancers manage their time more effectively, analyze productivity and improve work planning.


Step-by-step instructions for implementing the local version

STEP 1 – Registration for the trial period

STEP 2 – Appointment of those responsible for the implementation process

STEP 3 – Installation and configuration of the virtual machine in the corporate network

STEP 4 – Installing the program on employees' computers

STEP 5 – Setting up your personal account

STEP 6 – Collection and analysis of statistics


How does Yaware.TimeTracker Enterprise improve productivity?

Optimization of work processes

Thanks to detailed reports and analysis, companies can identify inefficient work processes and optimize them. This allows you to reduce time spent on tasks and increase overall productivity.


Employee motivation

The system allows employees to see the results of their work, which can serve as additional motivation to increase productivity. Transparency and objectivity of data contribute to the creation of healthy competition and team spirit.


Improvement of management decisions

Managers receive a tool for informed management decisions based on real data. This helps in identifying the most effective employees, allocating resources and planning projects.


Yaware offers the use of the program for 14 days free of charge so that you can experience all the features of the program's functionality on your own, and only then decide to purchase a license.


Register now and become more productive!



Yaware.TimeTracker Enterprise is a powerful time tracking tool that allows companies to effectively manage the working time of their employees, increase productivity and optimize work processes. The local version provides an additional level of security, making it an ideal solution for companies that value privacy and reliability. Whether you run a large corporation or work as a freelancer, Yaware.TimeTracker Enterprise will become an indispensable assistant in your daily work.

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