Many managers evaluate the effectiveness of the team by the number of working hours spent at the computer. To do this, they introduce time trackers.


Ideally, this tool should really help the manager to determine how productive team members are and what priorities to set in current tasks. But sometimes, if you focus on time tracking, it can create a somewhat toxic culture and annoying micromanagement that demotivates the team.


Why are time trackers demotivating and how to fix it?

“Now I am not trusted and the tracking system devalues my work”

This is what many employees think, which as a result can undermine the team's trust in the management. After all, people need freedom in their tasks and projects to feel motivated. They do not like to be watched and controlled. They want to be trusted.


Also in some cases, time tracking can inhibit people with creative thinking and those whose strength is multi-tasking. After all,the time tracking system kills the possibility of multitasking.


But on the other hand,  thanks to the time tracking system  you can switch to a flexible work schedule and allow your employees to work when it is convenient for them. Of course, if they don't need to be in meetings or talking to clients.


Automated accounting of working time will also allow managers to stop constantly asking about the status of projects. They will be able to check it in the program, thus saving their time and the time of the whole team. No employee will feel interrogated.


It turns out that the only question is how to properly use the tracker in work and how to prepare employees for its implementation.


What is the solution?

Before implementing time tracking, gather the team to discuss all the pain points. Let colleagues understand that you do not devalue their work, but implement the tracker in order to understand the strengths of each employee and vice versa – to motivate them to achieve high results.


It is important that employees understand that no one will impose their opinion on them, and the tracking service is a friendly tool with a pleasant interface and friendly reminders.


Also remember that by using a good time tracking software, you will not face any problems.


One of such tools is Yaware.TimeTracker.

Yaware.TimeTracker is a simple and flexible productivity monitoring tool that allows you to keep track of time with minimal interference in the employee's personal space.


So, to keep your employees motivated – work on establishing contact with them and implement only good tools for the convenience of their work. 

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