Trello is a visual tool that enables your team to manage projects, workflows, and tasks of all types. Yaware.TimeTracker is a simple and user-friendly software designed specifically for monitoring working hours and, as a result, increasing productivity. 


What if we talk about the integration of these two tools – Yaware.TimeTracker with Trello?


Let's take a quick look at each tool! 


What are the features of Yaware.TimeTracker?

With Yaware.TimeTracker, you'll find out: 

  • the length of the employees' working day;
  • what resources employees use to perform a specific task;
  • how much time is spent on a task;
  • when there are difficulties in performing a task and help is needed;
  • what distracts employees and prevents them from moving forward.


Advantages of Trello 

  • A variety of boards, columns, and cards 

Boards, columns, and cards with flexible settings and wide capabilities. They give employees an idea of who is working on what and what needs to be done in the future. 

  • Easy task management

All the information a team needs is stored in an organized manner in one place – in cards. In those cards you can assign performers, add deadlines, leave comments, and much more.

  • Workflow automation

Create an error-proof workflow with Trello's built-in automation system. You can execute commands and create automation rules for almost any action in Trello, so your team can focus on the really important things.


What are the features of Yaware.TimeTracker integration with Trello?

Integrating Yaware.TimeTracker with Trello has several benefits, including:

  • More accurate time tracking: By integrating Yaware.TimeTracker with Trello, you will be able to accurately monitor the time your employees spend working on different Trello tasks or projects. This will help you better manage your time, estimate project deadlines, and accurately bill clients or keep track of billable hours.
  • Higher productivity: This integration allows you to monitor the activity of your employees by generating reports on their productivity. This way, your employees can track their own performance and stay more motivated. And you, if needed , can take the necessary measures to help your employees improve their workflow and become more efficient.
  • Better project management: By synchronizing your tasks and projects in Trello with Yaware.TimeTracker, you can easily see how much time your employees are spending on each task and how far along they are. This will help you better manage your projects and identify areas where you can make adjustments to keep on track.
  • Improved reporting and analysis: Yaware.TimeTracker offers detailed reports and analytics on your Trello activity, allowing you and your employees to see how much time they spend on specific tasks, how far along they are in their project, and much more.


So, integrating Yaware.TimeTracker with Trello can help you optimize your workflow, increase productivity, and achieve better results in your work.


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