Such a job as an online consultant appeared relatively recently, but it definitely became popular, and every day the demand for such specialists is growing.
A good consultant provides any company with quality service, profit growth, creates a reputation and, of course, is able to increase customer interest. According to statistics of 2017 and user surveys, even a very good bot can not replace a live chat with a human consultant. Thus, now the users have trust and a desire to communicate.
Most of this work is remote and therefore allows employers to save a lot of money spent on office rent, technical equipment, utilities and so on. An online consultant is an employee who brings the maximum benefit to the enterprise if he/she is fully committed to work and high productivity.
Professional consultants can keep a conversation simultaneously in different formats with several clients. By itself, an online chat is easy and does not require additional employee. Moreover, an online consultant can also provide customer support services via telephone and in social networks.

There are 7 ways to effectively increase the productivity of online consultants

  1. Permanent online presence. At the specified time, the consultant must be present at the workplace. This will exclude unwanted delays in responses, respectively, there will be more satisfied customers and resolved issues, due to which the company will definitely benefit.
  2. Education and training. There are a lot of training videos, workshops and other events, where consultants learn how to conduct a conversation correctly and use the key phrases.
  3. Relevance of data. The learning of new information by employees will help them to give customers more accurate and useful information and to avoid negative feedback.
  4. Tracking programs. Today, the automation of working processes allows managers to remotely monitor and control the workflow.
  5. Analytics.
  6. Corporate motivation. Good results are achieved by team cohesion, which allows to develop a team spirit. For employees working remotely, you can use various kinds of programs that allow them to easily and naturally communicate with each other and to make their own space individual.
  7. Bonuses and financial interest. At all times, monetary motivation was stronger than others, especially when employees can influence its amount themselves. That is, the payment depends on the amount of work performed, as well as bonuses for overtime and other incentive rewards.

If you stick to even a part of the above listed items for a certain period, the productivity may increase up to 30 percent, if online consultants are ready to facilitate and engage in self-development.

Productivity increasing program for online consultants

Managers should be interested in the ability to control remote employees using the Yaware.Timetracker program. A lot of processes became fully automated, the main of them include:

  • working hours tracking;


  • time spent on lunch, breaks, smoke breaks, personal affairs;
  • keeping record of late coming, absenteeism, days off, vacations;
  • tracking the visited sites, pages and time spent there.

Data and statistics in the form of reports are consistently sent off to the e-mail address of the manager, who, in turn, after analyzing the reports, can have a general impression about how the assigned employee distribute working time.
Online consultants will always stay visiblefor management, even when they are away from the office. Thus, it will be possible to assess their work and apply the correct ratio to their wages.

Legality of time tracking programs on remote employees’ PCs

Many remote online consultants who choose such work mean by this a certain level of personal freedom and a possibility to independently plan their working hours without supervision. Therefore, the work time trackers often cause resentment and even protests.
It should be borne in mind that such a time monitoring program can be installed on a remote employees PC only with his/her consent and assistance. In fact, Yaware.Timetracker is a useful program not only for the employer, but also for the employee. With its help, it is easy to develop self-discipline and responsibility, become more careful with working time planning; the terms of a labor contract are kept by both parties, and there will always be direct evidences in case of any contradictions.

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