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Time management is a difficult task. How to balance your time between work, personal life, and things that need to be done?

We all have 24 hours a day, but how we distribute them has a significant impact on our productivity. If you feel that you constantly do not have enough time or do not have time to do enough in a day, try using the time tracker, which we will cover in the article. This will help you make the most of your time, so you can get more done during the hours of the day that matter most.

What is a time tracker?

Time tracker is a program that helps managers, business owners, and HR keep track of working hours and track employee productivity. Specialists can use it to distribute the working day and set goals for themselves.

The time tracker completely replaces the accounting of hours worked on paper because:

  • it automatically fixes the start and end time of work;
  • shows absence from the workplace;
  • keeps track of programs and sites that are used during working hours;
  • generates worker productivity charts.

Some companies have developed a mobile application as an addition to the SaaS or Enterprise version. For example, with Yaware TimeTracker Viewer, a manager can see team productivity statistics even when he is away from his computer or laptop.

The program helps employees increase their productivity and accuracy in recording hours worked, as well as ensure that they are productive in spending the time allotted to them. With the help of a time tracker, employees can track progress towards achieving goals.

In the freelance environment, the program calculates the time spent on various projects and invoicing.

How to use a time tracker for maximum work efficiency?

If you're just getting started with time trackers and want to get the most out of them, keep these tips in mind.

The program is not an instrument of punishment or total control. You use the time tracker to help you and your subordinates complete specific tasks. Employees begin to use working time more wisely, and you reduce the cost of unproductive activities.

Subordinates independently control the distribution of their working time and increase productivity, even without your intervention. And you analyze the program reports, and you can solve the problem in time if you find it (for example, one of the employees regularly recycles).


Dashboard from Yaware TimeTracker


A manager can use Yaware TimeTracker to track which apps, programs, or websites employees use during work hours. The effectiveness of sites and programs must be constantly monitored. Some default apps, programs, and websites may seem unproductive or neutral, but they can help an employee.  They can be included in the number of productive and recommended to other employees in their field.

How do distinguish between productive and unproductive programs and sites?

To separate productive and unproductive resources (for example, a company's social media page and an employee's page), categorize site links into separate categories. (The link to the group belongs to the “productive” category, and the link to the user's page – is to the “unproductive” category).

Remember that communication with employees and using a time tracker gives privileges to managers, unlike those who do not do it.


A time tracker is a good solution for busy, time-limited professionals who want to make the most of their time and money.

Time tracker data can also solve problems such as the gap between planned time and time spent on tasks.

Managers need to use the program in the right way. Employees who take breaks or work remotely on their initiative are likely to perform better than those who work in the office (and only because it is easier for the manager to control work).

If you are interested in using a time tracking system, you should find out what you want to achieve with the program.


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