Yaware.TimeTracker is an innovative system designed to record the working time of employees. It provides automatic monitoring of the activities of employees on the computer, which allows managers of enterprises and companies to effectively manage resources and optimize work processes. The main purpose of this system is to increase the productivity and efficiency of work on tasks.


Yaware.TimeTracker helps the manager:

  • Evaluate computer performance
  • Monitor tardiness and other violations
  • Identify the best and worst employee
  • Supervise employees with flexible work schedules
  • Keep records of meetings and breaks
  • Assess the actual staff workload
  • Conduct remote control of personnel work
  • Calculate the wages of employees with hourly wages


Register with Yaware.TimeTracker as a partner

To become a Yaware partner, attract customers and receive a monetary reward for this, you need to register.


To do this, fill in the fields by specifying:

  • name;
  • name;
  • e-mail;
  • password for entering the partner's personal account;
  • contact phone number;
  • a form of cooperation.


Remember your login and password. You will use them repeatedly.


Explore your personal account

After registration, you will get access to your personal account, where you can:


Find information on how to attract customers.


Download Yaware.TimeTracker Promotion Tools:

  • get your unique affiliate link;
  • handouts (flyer),
  • banners and buttons;
  • coupon code;
  • example Yaware.TimeTracker description page.


View your balance:

  • view the number of involved customers and the number of licenses paid by them;
  • see your income;
  • register a client.


Find answers to the most common questions about the affiliate program.


The personal account is a work tool in which you will find all the necessary information about your partner activities, as well as the materials you need for the successful promotion of Yaware.TimeTracker.


In your personal account you will find the following promotion tools:


A referral link is a link to the Yaware site with your unique code, which is assigned to you after registering in the affiliate section. Using it, we will be able to track the customers you attract and charge a reward – money for each payment.


A flyer is a handout that you can print and use for offline promotion of Yaware.TimeTracker (exhibitions, seminars, conferences, personal meetings with clients, etc.)


The banner and buttons are images with the Yaware.TimeTracker logo that you can place on your site for additional customer engagement. They contain a link with your unique code, so we will be able to track the customers attracted by you in this way.


A coupon code is a coupon that entitles the customer to a discount when paying for Yaware.TimeTracker. Email us for a coupon code. We will send it to your email. The discount on the coupon is not deducted from the amount of your reward. The size of the discount is from 0-10%.


The Yaware.TimeTracker description page is a ready-made html page that contains a detailed description of the service: the principle of operation, capabilities, benefits of use, example reports and cost.


Agree on the terms of cooperation and sign the partnership agreement

After registration, a Yaware partner manager will contact you.


Together you:

  • agree to the terms of cooperation;
  • choose the form of cooperation that suits you;
  • discuss the best ways to promote Yaware.TimeTracker for you;
  • sign the partnership agreement.


Attract customers

Attracting customers and making profit with Yaware is very easy!


For this:

  • use your referral link when mentioning Yaware.TimeTracker on forums, blog, social networks and in your newsletter;
  • place a banner or button with your unique code on your website (banners in your personal account already contain the code);
  • create a Yaware.TimeTracker description page on your site using ready-made text;
  • invite your friends and acquaintances on social networks to use Yaware.TimeTracker;
  • attend various conferences, exhibitions, forums focused on business development.
  • In addition, we have prepared informational materials specially for you that will help you attract more customers.


Get rewarded

After the client pays for the use of the service and the money reaches the Yaware account, you will be charged a reward.


The receipt of funds will be reflected in your personal account. To receive your reward, write a letter to the manager with a request to withdraw funds and provide your details.


The more customers you attract, the greater the monetary reward awaits you.


Yaware offers to use the program for 14 days for free, so that you can experience all the functionality of the program firsthand, and only then make a decision to purchase a license.


Register now and become more productive!


After all, Yaware.TimeTracker is a powerful tool for recording and controlling working time, which helps enterprises to improve work efficiency and optimize work processes. With automatic employee activity monitoring, electronic timesheets, detailed time analysis and reports, managers can better plan working hours, monitor productivity and ensure optimal working conditions for their employees.

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