Remote work, given today's events, is the best option for many employees. And although this format of work has great advantages compared to working in the office, it also has some disadvantages:

  • Remote work can lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation, which can lead to lower productivity.
  • Remote work eliminates the possibility of face-to-face collaboration, which makes it difficult to build relationships with colleagues and clients. This makes it somewhat difficult to provide feedback and help employees develop professionally.
  • Without the structure of a traditional office environment, it can be difficult for remote workers to stay organized, motivated and productive.
  • Working from home can be full of distractions such as family members, television, or pets that can make it difficult to focus on the tasks at hand.
  • In order for remote workers to perform their work more efficiently and benefit the company, it is necessary to find the right approach in organizing such a work format.


Here are the top 5 tips for productive work of remote workers

  1. Establish clear communication

Make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to communication. Hold regular video meetings and make sure everyone has access to the same communication tools.

  1. Set expectations

Set clear expectations for each remote worker so that everyone knows what is expected of them and how their work will be evaluated.

  1. Create a schedule

Create a schedule that works for all remote workers so they can plan their workdays in advance and know when they need to be available for meetings or other tasks. 

  1. Use technology

Use technology to your advantage by taking advantage of cloud-based collaboration tools like Google Docs, Slack and others to keep everyone on the same page and connected throughout the workday. 

  1. Provide feedback

Provide regular feedback to remote workers to let them know how they are doing and what areas need improvement. This will help build a sense of trust between you and your remote team members, as well as encourage them to do their best work.


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