One of the key motivators is the example of the successful use of a productivity tracker. This can be your personal example or the example of other companies. One example is described in detail in our case.

In this article, we will describe the steps that will help you as a leader to motivate workers to use a time tracker.

The popularity of the time tracker

The popularity of a productivity tracker is due to the fact it gives a clear understanding of the cost of the task. If several employees are working on the task, each of them records their expenses with a timer and is summed up at the end of the session. That is, the time tracker (timer) records the cost of time to implement a task.

In addition:

  1. The time tracker allows a team member to argue for higher pay if the actual time spent on the task is more than expected.
  2. Allows you to generate reports. Based on the time tracker data, the company's accountant can download a report at the end of a certain period, which will indicate the time spent and payment for each individual employee.
  3. Transparency of the workflow for the client. A customer who pays for an hour of work wants to understand what and how much time was spent. Often, the estimated costs differ from the actual costs, and if this is reflected in the report – your company can justify the pricing.

How to motivate employees to use the software?

Assign a person responsible for adapting to the time tracker

Choose one of the employees who will help the team with adaptation. He must be well versed in the use of timers. His high level of personal motivation in using the timer will motivate other team members. In addition, if the time tracking for the team in the early stages of use is unclear and many questions arise – the person in charge will help solve these issues.

Explain to the team goals you want to achieve with the software

At the team meeting, give examples of successful implementation of time tracker in companies. Note that the program is not used for punishment or total control, but to establish a transparent relationship between employees and management. It should allow your team to use working time more productively and understand what are the weaknesses in the implementation of projects.

Prepare information about what data the software will use

Usually, the developer, for example, Yaware, has already prepared letters to inform workers about the work of the time tracker. Or you can prepare a presentation yourself. Be prepared to answer questions and argue the security and benefits of the program.

How to choose a time tracking service?

Many task managers offer time tracking for tasks as one of their key functions. When deciding on a service with a time-tracking function, pay attention to the simplicity and accessibility of its use.

A key indicator of time tracker simplicity is if it is equally easy to use for the whole team, regardless of the experience of using task managers with time tracking.

How can the demo version and the trial period help you?

The demo version presents to your team how easy it is to use the program, what reports are generated as a result of work, and what information is processed by the time-tracking service. Employees who are confident in the safety and credibility of the program will be more receptive to innovation in your company. The demo version does not require installation.

The test period of the program allows you to adjust the monitoring parameters, add employees to the account, and receive reports throughout the test period. For example, the Yaware TimeTracker provides a free 14-day trial period.

What does it give workers? They are the ones testing the program, and therefore will be more open to using a time tracker on a work or home computer.

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