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Today's demand for a remote work culture redefines what team leaders should be. Instead of micromanaging, managers need to find ways to measure performance that doesn't rely on daily meetings and quarterly reviews. Allowing employees to work from home or another remote office isn't just a fad; it's the future of work.

However, this makes it difficult for managers and the HR department, who are used to personally monitoring their team. How can you measure performance and goals if employees are not sitting before you?

Track remote workers with software to monitor remote employees

At the same time, you don't need to monitor every minute they spend at work. You'll probably drive yourself and your team crazy trying to do this. Instead, track what employees are working on and how much time they spend on tasks. Think about what indicators will be necessary for company managers. For example, you can analyze the number of blog posts published per month, the time it takes to respond to customer inquiries or the number of customer calls. There are different ways to track these metrics depending on your team's work.

What are performance indicators most important?

Remote work is also changing the way productivity is measured. Instead of evaluating an employee's overall performance, find ways to demonstrate quantifiable performance results. Managers can use these metrics to show how well employees achieve their goals and what needs improvement. They can also use them to calculate bonuses and salary increases. The key here is to ensure that the metrics being measured are meaningful. If you're measuring the wrong things, you'll have difficulty finding patterns and problems in employee performance.

Yaware TimeTracker for remote teams

The right remote work software will make it easier for managers and subordinates to track time spent on projects and goals. It may seem strange to track time without the employee being in the office, but it works. Yaware TimeTracker will allow managers to set goals, view metrics, and receive alerts when goals are not met.

Find a time-tracking solution that's right for your team. Ideally, this will allow you to see how employees spend their time and provide insight into areas that need improvement. Please note: Employees want to track their time accurately to have a work-life balance. If remote team members don't use the same time tracking system, it will be harder for you to compare results and find practical solutions.


Remote work will remain popular for years to come. Therefore, knowing how to control time effectively and improve employee productivity is important. Start by keeping track of hours worked and setting goals. Analyze the indicators that are most important to the company. Finally, find the software to monitor remote employees to make teamwork progress much faster.

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