how to measure employee productivity

As more businesses try to achieve greater efficiencies, managers are increasingly asking themselves: “How to measure employee productivity?”

What is employee productivity nowadays?

The way that people work has significantly changed throughout the years.
With the development of computers and pervasiveness of the Internet, businesses started to move from offline to online.
A normal workday of a manager, a marketer or a sales manager is now impossible to imagine without a use of a computer.
So, employee productivity is not only about the results of work. It is also about the ability to use time spent at the computer properly.

How to measure employee productivity the best way?

In order to measure the productivity of a modern employee, why not assess how well he uses the time at the computer?
Yaware.TimeTracker is an automatic time and productivity tracking software that generates simple visual reports both for managers and their employees.

Automatic productivity estimation

The way that Yaware.TimeTracker measures employee productivity is very simple. The time tracker captures every activity while the employee is working at the computer, it is: every visited website and used application.
Afterwards, the system divides all the applications and websites into three categories:

  • productive
  • neutral
  • unproductive

Along with the name of the application/website, Yaware.TimeTracker also captures the duration of its use.

What does it give you?

The reports give a great understanding of how employees spend their time. By comparing the performance of employees of a specific department, a manager can find out which employees are most and least productive, those who are overloaded or underutilized.
Owning an accurate information about employees’ performance gives confidence of actions and decisions. This way, you will know for sure who needs help in becoming more productive and who is already doing a great job and deserves appreciation.

How will your employees benefit?

By analyzing the personal reports, employees can assess and increase their productivity by determining how much time they spend unproductively, which activities are inefficient or take longer than they should.
Employees get a clear, visual representation of their working day and a chance to increase their efficiency.

In conclusion…

So, know you know how to measure employee productivity. Go ahead and try Yaware.TimeTracker for your company. Find out how productive your employees are and help become more efficient.

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