Well-established communication with employees is the key to the success of the company. Integrating time management software can be stressful and difficult, but it is important for every business owner or manager that they inform their employees of how this new system will affect them before any action is taken.

In this article, you will learn how to correctly communicate to subordinates about the implementation of a time tracking program so that they do not quit or lose motivation to work.

Reasons you should use a time tracker

Working time control: how to minimize downtime

What is the ideal employee? The one who never distracts you, is 100% dedicated to working, and is focused on the work process. But this is not always possible, because everyone tends to get distracted by other things during working hours – many people even deal with personal matters during work! In this case,accounting systems can be excellent assistants; they record arrival/departure times, as well as how often employees “sin” in terms of productivity – it could be talking to each other, or other unproductive activities, such as scrolling through social networking sites on the Internet.

Distribution of tasks and determination of the workload of employees

Time tracking software shows the workload of employees. It will evenly distribute the load among employees, depending on the responsibilities.

Workflow optimization

The accounting system makes it possible to track which tasks employees take too much time to complete, taking into account the stated deadlines and improvements. Perhaps some specialists should be sent to training or professional development courses to speed up their work. It is worth paying attention to those who, on the contrary, complete their tasks too quickly. Remember, speed is not a guarantee of quality.

Improving discipline

Frequent tardiness and regular “five minutes” are a big problem for management. For example, customers cannot contact the company's managers, as they all went out for a smoke break together. If you let everything take its course, it will lead to irreversible consequences. Therefore, a time tracking system is needed to track violators and take appropriate measures.

How to implement a time tracking program and not demotivate employees?

If everything is done correctly and correctly, the software implementation process will be “painless” for the staff.

After the decision to install the software, there are two options for the development of events.

The first: inform about the installation of new software in an official form by issuing an order to the company.

The advantage of this method is in fast implementation, and this is where the pluses end. Lack of information about the system and misunderstanding of the goals of implementation cause various conjectures, mistrust, and consequently, a negative attitude among employees.

The second: prepare employees for the upcoming changes smoothly by organizing a step-by-step implementation.

This method is more loyal and efficient. A competent approach to implementation will achieve the desired result: implement the service with minimal dissatisfaction on the part of subordinates. Here are some current recommendations:

  1. Inform all employees of upcoming changes. It is best to organize a general meeting for this, where they can learn more about the program, its capabilities, tasks, goals, and also ask all their questions;
  2. Explain to the employees that the system is needed not for close control, increasing fines and punishments, but for optimizing the work of the company and improving efficiency;
  3. Focus on the benefits: how the service will be useful for staff. Among these “goodies”: fair payroll, taking into account all overtime (which the program fixes), fair distribution of tasks based on the workload of employees, etc. An additional motivation for good performance reports will be the encouragement in the form of bonuses;
  4. In the first few months after implementation, employees will have a lot of questions about how to use it. Prevent dissatisfaction and sabotage of work in the system by appointing a person responsible for training personnel.

What to expect after registration?

After the introduction of the accounting system, only positive changes can be expected.

  1. By improving discipline and reducing missed calls, the percentage of closed deals will increase.
  2. The personnel situation will become clearer: it will be clear which specialists are lacking and which ones are in abundance. Perhaps, to increase the productivity of the company, an employee of a different specialization will be needed.
  3. For subordinates, this is a clear picture of their arrival and departure from work, breaks, overtime, lateness.

Do not be afraid of the accounting program, because it was created to make life easier for everyone. Experience shows that a competent approach, an objective and detailed explanation of the advantages of the system will cause a loyal attitude on the part of the staff. The main thing is to do it thoughtfully. We hope the article was useful to you. If you have questions, you can ask our support team. Or you can test the trial version of the program before you buy it.

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