Employee engagement allows company management to measure and manage employees' views on important elements of the work process and culture.

Using this indicator, you can learn what to do to improve the communication between employees with the work they do and with your company.

According to research by the Gallup Institute, the level of employee engagement has been declining worldwide in recent years. For example, this indicator in the US decreased in a year for the first time in a decade, from 36% of engaged employees in 2020 to 34% in 2021. The pandemic has had a significant impact on this.

This trend continued until the beginning of 2022. It can be predicted that employee engagement level will continue to decrease.

The level of engagement is influenced by, for example, what position the employee holds, whether he works remotely or in the company's office. But in our opinion, the most important thing is the employees' understanding that the company cares about them, their development, and well-being.

These elements lay the foundation for the development of trust, which opens the door to an overall increase in well-being.

The good news is that with the overall decline in the engagement rate, there are companies in which it increases, even doubled.


How you can influence employees engagement:

– Use corporate culture and values to make business decisions.

Employees should see on a daily basis that they are important to the company, which hear them and take their needs into account.

When employees see the company's values embodied in the decisions made, their confidence in the management increases.

– Focus on the employee's well-being and recognize their personality.

For many people, life and work are now mixed up and it is impossible to clearly separate one from the other. Think about the life requirements at the workplace and beyond. Think about how work, career, society, finances affect people in the modern world and provide resources to improve these important elements of well-being.

– First, pay attention to how the employee's working day goes.

With the help of ✨Yaware.Timetracker you can track your employee's workload, speed of work, time efficiency and other indicators.

Based on this analysis, it will be easy for you to make lists of tasks for your employees so that, on the one hand, time is used efficiently, and on the other hand, so that the employee is not overloaded emotionally and works more efficiently.

– It is important that in unstable times managers are focused on clear expectations, resources and opportunities for employees to do what they do best to ensure that the work is done as best as possible.

– Give team managers the opportunity to manage time and make some decisions on their own. 

Only a manager who is in direct contact with employees in a large company can be aware of people's personal and work situations. Constantly improve the skills of managers so that they can teach their employees on the basis of their strong qualities.

– Adapt communication with teams and customers.

Use modern features such as corporate applications, podcasts, YouTube, etc.

A true understanding of the engagement factor will give you new opportunities. It is the basis for forming a stable brand culture with which the best cooperate


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