In the modern world, such a profession as a programmer means a lot and is highly valued by employers. Today, in the new Internet era, companies can do nothing without such an engineer, and if he also has experience and is highly productive, then there will always be a great demand for his services!
Personal productivity of programmers is determined with the help of LOC (Line Of Code), its qualitative development. This method gives rough estimation, because basically the code still depends on the complexity of the project and many other aspects.
In general, the term “productivity” means the amount of work performed at a certain period. The shorter the length is, the higher is a programmer efficiency, and the more he is valued by the employer.

7 tips how become the best

There are 7 tips on how any programmer, with an effort and a little strive, can become the best in his field:

Focus on work

This is true for those who work remotely, at home or in a noisy environment, where everything is distracting. The mood set for work and ability to cut off all external stimuli ensure not only the proper working pace, but a smaller number of mistakes, too.

Enjoy automation

Today, this is the biggest breakthrough that caused revolution in all spheres of public life and greatly simplifies them. Automated processes occur without human intervention, at a high level of accuracy. Thus, you get more time for solving complex problems.


Many platforms allow to find such help, and you should not refuse it; together with a mentor the productivity of programmer increases significantly. Now, it is not necessary to find all the information on the Internet the personal assistant will always be there for you.


It can save time and help you read the methods with ease, while all the coding documentation will definitely increase productivity.


This system helps in the development of complex coding projects, and is very popular among IT specialists. This is a great opportunity for managers to increase the productivity of their subordinates thanks to flexible environment.

Work less sleep more

This is the key to the personal efficiency of programmers. Naturally, this advice may seem weird, but it works perfectly. A well-rested person focus on work tasks better and is not distracted by unproductive thoughts, such as to sleep.


You should program not only at work, but also in your spare time, too. This will help to differentiate these two spaces from a psychological point of view and continue to gain experience with pleasure. After all, a contribution to yourself is always beneficial.
With these tips, every programmer, both beginner and experienced, will be able to quickly increase their personal productivity by 35-40 percent, which will further lead to a higher level of work, greater demand in the job market and decent pay.

Modern Automation to the Rescue

For the benefit of their own business or company, smart and experienced managers are trying to help their employees to increase their productivity. It is profitable not only for the employer, but for the employee, too.
Today, Yaware.TimeTraker is becoming extremely popular. Being installed on PCs, it starts to collect information about employees:

  • time of arrival at the workplace;
  • time of absence at the workplace;
  • visits of productive, neutral and unproductive websites;
  • use of programs and apps;
  • images of PC desktop and employee at the workplace.

The initial purpose of the program is to automatically monitor the working time of staff, assess their productivity precisely, control all their actions. For educational purposes, it can be used to reward employees with bonuses or penalize them.
The employer who hires employees to work in an office or remotely must not only take into account the human qualities and personality of each employee, but also be able to motivate them to work on their personal productivity.
Yaware.TimeTraker is installed at the employees computer openly, which means it will subconsciously adjust the workflow better than usual.

Programmer’s Productivity as Personal Growth

There are not so many professions in the world that can allow a person to stay at the same position, continue to do his or her favorite and understandable job, but get more and more pay with the growth of their experience.
In the next twenty years, IT specialists will be in demand, and the best of them will get big money for the services. High level of personal productivity at low time cost is an indicator of good and proper work of the programmer. That is why the personal growth should start today for you to become better tomorrow!

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