Technologies are an important part of our everyday life. Therefore, modern businesses actively use various tools to increase the productivity of their employees. One such tool is Yaware.TimeTracker, a time tracking application that not only tracks the length of working hours, but also affects various aspects of employee productivity.


Accurate time monitoring

Yaware.TimeTracker allows you to determine exactly how much time an employee spends on specific tasks. This enables businesses to analyze how working time is used and identify the effectiveness of various tasks. This aspect helps to optimize the work process and distribute tasks more rationally.


Reduction of unproductive time

Frequent breaks and incorrect time allocation can significantly reduce the productivity of employees. Yaware.TimeTracker helps to identify such time intervals and indicates the possibility of their optimization. Analysis of user activity data helps to improve time management and reduce time spent on unproductive activities.


Performance monitoring

Yaware.TimeTracker provides management with tools to monitor employee performance. Analysis of working hours and detection of patterns allow to determine the most productive period of the day for each employee. This is important for optimal distribution of tasks and maximizing productivity.


Increasing employee motivation

A time monitoring system can also serve as a tool to motivate employees. With the ability to track their own progress and set specific goals, employees are able to self-monitor their performance. This can increase the level of internal motivation and improve the general mood in the team.


Data security

One of the key advantages of Yaware.TimeTracker is the high level of protection of confidential information. Ensuring data security is extremely important in today's business environment, especially when it comes to processing personal data of employees.


With Yaware, you will know:

  • the duration of your employees' meetings, conferences, and breaks;
  • the level and uniformity of the workload of employees in the team;
  • resources used by employees to complete tasks;
  • the reasons for pushed deadlines and overtime;
  • distractions that prevent employees from moving forward;
  • when performing a task, what difficulties have arisen and what help is needed.


In addition, Yaware offers the use of the program for 14 days free of charge so that you can experience all the features of the program's functionality on your own, and only then decide to purchase a license.


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Yaware.TimeTracker becomes a necessary tool for companies seeking to optimize the work process and increase the productivity of their team. Accurate time analysis, reduced downtime, motivational factors and high data security make this tool an effective tool to support business success in today's world. Implementing Yaware.TimeTracker can be the step that will provide your business with a competitive advantage and sustainable growth.

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