In today's world, effective time management is becoming a key success factor. There are many tools for this, one of which is Yaware.TimeTracker. This time tracking program allows you to use your working time as efficiently as possible, which is especially important for freelancers, team projects and organizations of all sizes. In this article, we will take a detailed look at the functionality of Yaware.TimeTracker and its benefits for different types of timekeeping.


Main functionality of Yaware.TimeTracker

  1. Types of working time accounting

Yaware.TimeTracker provides the ability to keep various types of timekeeping, including automatic activity tracking, manual timekeeping, and a hybrid method. Automatic tracking allows the program to independently monitor activity on the computer, while manual accounting allows the user to independently enter data about his working hours.


  1. Program for counting working hours

The main function of Yaware.TimeTracker is the counting of working hours. The program automatically records the time spent on various tasks, which allows you to get accurate information about how much time was spent on each task. This is especially useful for freelancers who need to report to clients or managers about the work done.


  1. Time tracker for a freelancer

Freelancers often face the problem of effectively planning their time. Yaware.TimeTracker helps to solve this problem by providing detailed reports on the time spent, which allows you to better plan your working day and avoid unnecessary time wastage. The program allows you to create various projects and tasks, which makes it an ideal tool for freelancers.


  1. A program for drawing up a work schedule

Another important function of Yaware.TimeTracker is the ability to create a work schedule. Thanks to this, you can easily plan your working day, week or even month, determine priorities and allocate time between different tasks. This is especially useful for team leaders who want to optimize the performance of their employees.


  1. Timesheet online

Yaware.TimeTracker allows you to keep a timesheet online, which greatly simplifies the process of accounting for working hours. Users can access their data from any device at any time, providing convenience and flexibility. It also allows managers to quickly receive reports on employees' working hours and make informed decisions.


  1. Working time management

One of the main advantages of Yaware.TimeTracker is the ability to effectively manage working time. The program provides tools for analyzing and optimizing the workflow, which allows you to increase productivity and reduce time spent on inefficient tasks. With detailed reports, users can see exactly where their time is being spent and make relevant decisions.


  1. Effective use of working time

Yaware.TimeTracker promotes efficient use of working time thanks to planning and analysis functions. Users can set goals and track their progress, helping them stay focused on important tasks and avoid procrastination. The program also provides the ability to track breaks and non-working time, which allows you to better control your work schedule.


  1. Working day schedule

Yaware.TimeTracker allows you to plan each working day in detail thanks to the function of making a working day schedule. Users can set times for specific tasks, schedule breaks and other activities. It helps you stay on schedule and keep you productive throughout the day.


  1. Planning free time

In addition to scheduling your work time, Yaware.TimeTracker also helps you schedule your free time. This is important for maintaining work-life balance. Users can set times for rest, hobbies, and other activities that promote overall well-being and productivity.


In addition, Yaware offers the use of the program for 14 days free of charge so that you can experience all the features of the program's functionality on your own, and only then decide to purchase a license.


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Yaware.TimeTracker is a powerful tool for recording and managing working time. The program provides a wide range of functions that allow you to use working time as efficiently as possible, plan your work schedule and free time, keep a timesheet online and analyze productivity. This makes Yaware.TimeTracker an indispensable tool for both freelancers and teams of all sizes looking to improve their efficiency and productivity.

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