Modern technologies not only simplify work processes, but also provide enormous opportunities for effective management and evaluation of team performance. Yaware.TimeTracker is an important tool for identifying and improving productivity, providing analysis of work time and facilitating the optimization of work processes.


Monitoring of working hours

Yaware.TimeTracker automatically tracks how employees spend their working time.

Time data collection is used to generate accurate activity reports and simple.


Performance analysis

The tool provides detailed reports on the performance of employees and teams.

Access information about time spent on specific tasks, programs and categories.


Categories and projects

Yaware.TimeTracker allows you to define categories and projects for better structuring of time spent.

Analysis of time spent on different categories helps to determine the main directions of the team's work.


Computer efficiency

The tool evaluates the efficiency of computer use, taking into account periods of activity and inactivity.

This data can be used to identify potential problems or interruptions.


Assignment of tasks

Setting and tracking KPIs and goals for individual employees or teams.

Comparison of actual results with assigned tasks to assess compliance.


Performance and latency analysis

Yaware.TimeTracker detects periods of lag and inactivity.

This allows you to identify possible problems and ways to solve them to improve productivity.


Teamwork reporting and analysis

The reports provided by Yaware.TimeTracker allow you to analyze the work of teams as a whole.

Determining individual contributions and overall team effectiveness.


Data sharing

Ability to share data and reports with the team for collaborative analysis and performance improvement.


Yaware.TimeTracker opens up new opportunities for effective management and performance evaluation of teams. The use of this tool not only allows you to objectively evaluate working time, but also contributes to the development of strategies to increase the efficiency of the team. Maximize your team's productivity with Yaware.TimeTracker to achieve exceptional results in your industry.


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