Employees work monitoring

The employees who work in the office at the computer or remotely are partly on their own. Therefore, the productivity of the workflow can rapidly decline, especially if payment is made at a fixed rate. According to unofficial statistics, for this reason the employees do not strive to work for the achievement of the result.

How to increase employees productivity?

Wise managers have long used programs to track working hours. One of them, Yaware.Timetracker, is especially popular because it is fully automated and has a lot of functions, thereby freeing the time for more useful things.
The software with high accuracy calculates the working hours of staff per day, week, month and saves periods in different formats. This makes it possible to get rid of lots of documents, time sheets and graphs that would have to be filled out.
Moreover, the Time Tracker keeps track of all actions of employees for the day:

  • time of the start of work and its finish, noting delays and absenteeism separately;
  • lunch hours, smoke breaks, breaks, any kinds of distractions and time spent on them;
  • visit to Internet sites and pages, divided by level of use — “neutral, useful,” “useless”;
  • the process of implementation of tasks.

Thus, the manager will be able to track every day of any of his subordinates, as well as analyze the information collected by the tracking program, which will display the “performance”.
Yaware.Timetracker will help to:

  1. correctly calculate the workscope of projects and tasks per day for each employee;
  2. taking into account individual characteristics;
  3. thereby not overloading an employee with unnecessary work and not demanding more than a person can accomplish.

Productivity indicators will be easy identified, taking the period in the specified months in terms of growth as a reference point.

Installation of the time tracking software and its special features

The time tracking program can be installed on a PC only with the consent of employees and with their participation. The manager must notify exactly what data and how they will be collected and transferred to the employer.
At the start of the use of the program, the employer makes adjustments to the basic settings, which will make it possible to keep correct statistics in the future. For correct calculation, they will need to specify the nominal number of working hours, work schedule, days off and some other data regarding the specifics of work.
The manager can use Yaware.Timetracker to determine the productivity of a person, a whole department or a whole team of all available employees. The reports will provide an opportunity to assess the workload of staff and their success, as well as to plan future tasks and projects correctly.
In addition, each employee can independently monitor their performance. Access to personal statistics improves self-discipline and self-motivation.

Is it true the Yaware.Timetracker program can increase productivity?

When properly used, the program helps the employee find out where he is losing his time. He or she can fix the situation on his/her own, or on the recommendation of the manager. In most, people simply do not think about whether they are working fairly productively. The program allows them to see it.
According to experts, such programs are capable of:

  1. Helping the self-discipline.
  2. Teaching punctuality.
  3. Helping to focus on the task.
  4. Decrease of importance of distractions.

You should understand: Yaware.Timetracker is just a tool. And the results depend on you and how responsible you are to this case

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