Almost all HR professionals will probably agree that there is no single universal recruitment tool that can help every company find talent as quickly as possible. But do not rush to agree with this opinion.

What if we told you that such a tool has already been developed? It's ContactOut! 

P.S. It is not only appropriate for personnel searches.

ContactOut is a reliable database of personal and business contacts that gives you the widest coverage with the highest accuracy. 

With this tool, you will be able to search for personnel, companies, and potential customers by name, location, industry, and more than 20 other data attributes faster and more efficiently.

With ContactOut, you can:

✨ Create lists of leads in seconds.

✨ Go straight from your LinkedIn profile to email and phone conversations.

✨ Turn any list of LinkedIn URLs, email addresses, or company domain names into a complete contact list.

✨ Update your CRM in real time with up-to-date data for all leads.

✨ Keep your ATS up to date with the most up-to-date data on all job candidates.

✨ Save time with email merging and send personalized email sequences to hundreds of leads at the click of a button.


And that's not all! Remember, that time is priceless. Now imagine how much time will be saved and how productively it will be used if you use two products at once: ContactOut and Yaware.TimeTracker. With ContactOut, you will find the necessary contacts as quickly as possible, and with Yaware.TimeTracker, your employees will become x100 times more productive.


Do you not believe that all this is possible? Register for free to make sure that ContactOut and Yaware.TimeTracker – the best tools for maximum productivity!

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