It's no secret that managing email can be a daunting task – which is why it's earned such a notorious reputation. It's easy to get lost in the constant stream of messages, and some people may not realize how much time they spend on emails. The fact is, without data, it can be difficult to identify a problem from the start.


Performance monitoring software can provide a clearer picture by providing email usage analytics. With the right data, companies can determine if they need to take steps to reduce the time spent managing email, for example by implementing better communication guidelines or alternative forms of communication.


Time monitoring software has several important features:


1. Planning of working hours

Time tracking software allows you to set time limits for your work day and track how you spend your time. You can set specific hours for working with mail, which helps you to avoid constantly checking your mail throughout the day.


2. Activity monitoring

Monitoring tools track your computer activity, including time spent in your mailbox. This allows you to understand how you spend your working time and make the necessary adjustments.


3. Mail filtering and analysis

Some monitoring tools have functions to filter and analyze email messages. You can create rules to sort messages and highlight those that need immediate attention. You can also view statistics on how long it takes you to process mail.


4. Data storage

For example, Yaware.TimeTracker stores data about your activity, including the use of mail, which can be useful for further analysis and improvement of the workflow.


5. Reports and analytics

The software provides reporting and analytics that help you better understand how you spend your time and how it affects your productivity. This can encourage changes in the way you use e-mail.


Therefore, the implementation of time tracking software in a company can have a positive effect on the use of e-mail. The main thing is to choose good software, for example, Yaware.TimeTracker.


Try Yaware.TimeTracker for 14 days for free so you can experience its functionality to the fullest!


Yaware.TimeTracker can be a useful tool for those who want to manage their time more effectively and change their approach to using email in their work and personal life. It is only important to consider that the effective use of such software requires careful adjustment and discipline on your part.

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