Call center is an indispensable part of business in many companies. The staff of this department work on the processing of incoming calls and the providing of information via voice communication tools in the interests of a client company or progressive organization. A call center can be outsourced or internal (in-house).
Managers of a call center often needs to monitor the work of their staff members. How to do it right? After all, customerssatisfaction from cooperation with the company depends on the quality of services this department provides.
The quality of the call center work is determined by two main indicators: availability and communication skills of the operators. In turn, this is determined by the following factors:

  • availability of lines for communication;
  • efficiency of the planning of work;
  • necessary knowledge and skills of operators;
  • staff motivation;
  • processes of information exchange between the call center and the client company.

The effectiveness of the employees, the level of their skills, their politeness, as well as the level of activity in resolving issues all this determines the degree of satisfaction of the call center clients. As a result, this may even affect the client companys income.

What To Consider At Monitoring

First, when monitoring of services quality the staff provides, it is necessary to update the indicators based on which the monitoring is carried out to assess the service. As a rule, there are five main and most important criteria. They are:

  1. Greetings.
  2. Use of the name of the interlocutor.
  3. Thanks for the call.
  4. Farewell.
  5. Assessment of the communication method, frequency of communication, learning of information about a particular company. The procedural part is also analyzed, followed by the monitoring of employeescompliance with the regulations and rules of the company.

Each indicator can be measured in numbers, and then is added to the final result. Considering the fact that the major part of the indicators is difficult to standardize when monitoring work efficiency, the company develops evaluation indicators based on the real life examples.
The priority is given to the expediency of selecting calls for monitoring. Beginners and those operators who are suspicious of distrust come under strict control in such cases up to 90% of the calls can be monitored. This indicator is reduced to 10% for experienced and reliable employees.
Calls for monitoring can be chosen by technical indicators:

  • duration of the conversation;
  • customer retention time;
  • keywords said in the process of communication.

Then, the ratings of operators and operating units are compiled based on the above mentioned monitoring of key indicators. This information is later used for distributing of bonuses and penalties.

Monitoring Methods

In fact, the development of a quality monitoring system for the call center staff is a difficult task in technical and organizational terms. All the needed actions must be performed in a specialized informational environment.
Popular monitoring methods:

  1. Internal. Monitoring is carried out by a supervisor or a shift manager. There are no big extra costs implied. However, often the results do not coincide with reality: the controller and the object being monitored are tied by motivation, so they would not want to disclose real problems.
  2. Establishing of a department which does not depend on the call center. If the quality control department is not subordinate to the head of the call center, and the companys management participates and applies the results of the monitoring in the managing process, there is the possibility of systematic quality management.
  3. Automated dialog quality control. The main condition here is the availability of voice identification systems with emotional patterns. The conversation topic is classified, then the order is determined and refuse analysis is held. The tracking program assesses the emotional state of the subjects, recognizes signs of uncertainty of a call center employee.

It is up to the company which method to choose. When making a decision, wed recommend using the experience of creating a quality control system.

What Programs To Choose

Yaware.TimeTracker is an assistant for monitoring work of the call center staff. This program tracks the time spent at the computer, which allows gathering and store certain data about staff activities, process it quickly, and also come up with ways to optimize the workflows.
The advantages of yaware.timetracker include:

  • automated operation;
  • detailed total or individual time and work assessment of staff;
  • ability to transfer monitoring functions;
  • works with all operating systems.

Thanks to the useful and extensive functionality of the tracking program, its use for personnel monitoring brings positive and accurate results.

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