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Employee time tracking software accurately shows how team members manage their day. This information can help a business reduce unnecessary costs and optimize work processes.

The time tracker prepares reports on how much time employees spend at work, what they do during that time, and whether they perform their duties effectively. The program gives a third-party insight into which activities take up the most time, which employees perform well, and who needs help and attention.

This article will look at the advantages of a time tracker as business software. We will also share a link so that you can test one of these programs for free.

Time tracker reviews from companies

Companies most often mention the following changes after implementing the program:

  • reduction of operating costs and the burden on employees of the personnel department;
  • effective management of remote employees and contractors;
  • support for compliance with legal and contractual obligations;
  • optimization of resources for peak demand or special projects;
  • attracting future job candidates through progressive workplace practices.

Save money

Many organizations conclude that the program is the key to reducing wasteful spending. The time tracker accurately records the time and eliminates the need to remember how many hours were worked and when. It can help companies comply with government regulations for paying contractors and employees.

Companies optimize the budget by paying only those hours that employees work. Integration of the program with the payroll system helps avoid overpaying taxes and other deductions due to inaccurate accounting.

Use your time wisely

How often do your employees receive tasks that go beyond their job duties? Timekeeping software will help you determine:

  • which activities take more hours than expected;
  • which tasks can be delegated to other employees or outsourced.



If a team member spends too much time on a task for which he/she does not have the necessary skills, the time tracker reports will show you that. Also, the standard is the issue of wasting employees' time: some wait for other people to finish their tasks. The time tracker helps you track your time to understand if you should adjust your workflow to get the same results faster.

Help your employees

Time tracker reports and a “top view” will help a supervisor or HR manager identify potential bottlenecks or root causes of delays. For example, if you have an employee who spends hours on one project but should be doing other tasks, you can analyze the application reports to understand why this is happening. Then approach the employee and let them know you are aware of the situation and want to help.

Support HR duties

Companies in 2022 reduce the workload of the HR department with the help of a time tracker. In the relentless pace of life, employees need to have several breaks, a full time for lunch, and time for self-development to improve work quality.

The program will help you learn:

  • how employees start their working day;
  • whether they are at the workplace at the time specified by them;
  • is there a window in the work schedule for rest and self-development;
  • what are the statistics of revisions and the percentage of completed tasks.

HR managers do not need to create Excel tables because the time tracker automatically generates a time sheet. It indicates the number of hours worked, weekends, holidays, and absenteeism.  The program quickly calculates employees' wages if the payment is hourly.

Legal and contractual obligations

Companies with customer contracts sometimes need to prove that they fulfill the requirements. For example, organizations that provide services must track employees' working hours to comply with legal regulations.

When working on a specific project, the company needs to show how many hours were spent on it to justify the cost of services and implementation.

Give freedom and control at the same time

Remote work has been on trend for more than one year. People working outside the office may have difficulties organizing their work day. Companies can monitor how they spend their time and whether remote workers meet expectations.

It is also an opportunity to track “problem areas” and help staff cope with the assigned tasks.


Employee time tracking software helps companies reduce unproductive costs and streamline processes. It is one way to meet contractual obligations and comply with government regulations, such as minimum wage and overtime laws.

The time tracker helps companies better manage remote workers, contractors, and budgets and supports the team in the work process.

To test the program for free, follow the link. We hope this will be useful for you.

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